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Whiskey and Rye

So, CollaredMom is not my real name. Shocker, I know. This is a construct that I have created myself for use on my blog and Fetlife page (feel free to find me on Fetlife, I’m friendly, I swear).

Sir does not call me CollaredMom at home; I hope this is also obvious, but you never know. In scene I am ‘cunt’. But, there is a reality that he cannot call me that when the kids are awake or around extended family. So we have been cycling through names that he can use to show me his dominance, but not break the kids. We started with ‘love’, but he decided pretty quickly that that was just too nice. We cannot be too nice, now can we? So that didn’t last long.

So he asked me what kind of name I wanted. I said that I wanted a name that no one else called me. I asked him to think of something that he likes. Something that he is fond of that would make me feel treasured. He liked my idea, so he went and thought. He came up with ‘Rye’. He really likes whiskey and all of it’s variations. But rye whiskey is his favorite.

So now he calls me rye all the time. I feel all warm and gooey when he does. I’ve never really had a pet name before, in any relationship. I did not have a nickname in school, my real name is unique enough that it was never necessary. So to have this name that shows how much Sir appreciates me and my submission is really nice. Don’t get me wrong, being called cunt in that moment when he slams into me or tells me to suck him off is blissful. But it almost feels more possessive when he calls me rye around other people. It helps me stay focused in every situation, even when he cannot be around.

I am and always will be his cunt. But I am also rye, his collared beloved.

2 Responses to “Whiskey and Rye”

  • Grace

    I think that’s very sweet! It’s personal and meaningful to both of you. 🙂

  • Jon MontanaVega

    Dear Mrs. My Name is Not Collared Mom: First, when my kids were in school I was ____’s Dad.

    Second, I don’t know if you every read Literotica. One series of stories there that I often saw in the Top 10 list is titled Whiskey & Rye. If I recall it correctly, it is excellent.


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