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101 Things in 1001 Days

Ever since I saw Rebel’s Notes update on her own 101 things list, I have been eager to start my own. Sir really supported the idea of something to help me focus on some personal goals (my writing), as well as my submission. It was a lot more difficult than I thought to come up with 101 things (I swear I have always wanted to try oysters). But I am hoping that this will help me focus on some long term goals. Try some new things, and put myself out there. Sir has been really supportive, and is super excited about all anal November.

So here is my list. Hopefully I will do posts about some of these goals as I complete them, or explain why I didn’t. The list is below, but also under the 101 Things tab with post links and whatnot.

My 101 Things In 1001 Days 

Start Date: 1/19/2015

End Date: 10/16/2017 


1. Complete my screenplay 
2. Write the 3 longer stories (0/3) 
3. Answer the 50 Questions that will free your mind (0/50)
4. Use 10 of these creative writing prompts (0/10)
5. Watch and give an honest review of the ’50 Shades of Grey’ Film
6. Flesh out the characters and plot line for a historical novel
7. Write a ’99 Things about Me’ post
8. Write at least 1000 words a day for five days in a row x10 (0/10)
9. Write a list of 100 things that make me happy
10. Write and post at least one erotic short story or poem once a month on my blog not linked to any meme (0/34)
11. Submit at least 10 pieces for publication (0/10)
12. Get published in any print source material (journal, anthology, book)
13. Get paid for a publication of my work


14. Complete blog posts on 200 prompts (Wicked Wednesday, TMI Tuesday, etc.)
15. Post photographs of myself on the blog each month (0/34)
16. Make a least 5 video posts (0/5)
17. Post on my blog a minimum of 3 times per week (0/34)
18. Reach 100,000 views on the blog
19. Update/Add to blog profile every couple of months
20. Complete a Fabulous Phrase/Photo Friday every week (0/143)
21. Follow/Comment on 50 different blogs (0/50)


22. Spend the night with a woman and Sir
23. Spend a day on a chained leash with limited mobility
24. Be hunted in the woods (I am the prey)
25. Have professional nude photos taken for Sir
26. Make a video of my pussy pulsing when I orgasm
27. Explore more rope play together/Go to a bondage workshop
28. Be made to masturbate for a live audience
29. Ask Sir for at least one task each month (0/34)
30. Be tied up/restrained and made to watch while he fucks another woman
31. Give Sir a warm old back massage at a time of his choosing
32. Wear the glass anal plug out of the house
33. Be fingered by another man
34. Be bathed, shaved, dried and then complete dressed by Sir
36. Swallow Sir’s semen everyday for 30 days
37. Complete a post about daily changes in semen taste differences (for science)
38. Complete an as yet unknown task set by Sir at a time of his choosing
39. Spend the night in a cage and/or heavy bondage
40. Deep throat without gagging
41. Let Sir loan me out to another Dominant
42. Have two weekends away with Sir (0/2)
43. Spend more than 84 hours in one week plugged
44. Take part in all anal November
45. Buy a new set of leather wrist and ankle cuffs
46. Try wax play
47. Allow Sir to slap me in the face

Sexy Social Events

48. Go to a strip club with Sir
49. Attend at least 15 BDSM events (0/15)
50. Visit at least 5 BDSM clubs (0/5)
51. Make at least 100 Fetlife friends
52. Post journal entries, erotica, opinion on Fetlife 50 times (0/50)
53. Attend a bondage or BDSM conference or lecture series
54. Host a BDSM dinner party
55. Attend a sex camp

Personal Development

56. Get my pussy professionally waxed
57. Get 2 more tattoos and get the calla lilies tattoo finished (0/3)
58. Get my nipples pierced
59. Get a vertical clitoral hood piercing
60. Maintain my current weight as a minimum but ideally lost 20lbs
61. Have a manicure at least once a year
62. Watch 20 movies that I have never seen before (0/20)
63. Read 5 Non-fiction books (0/5)
64. Read 20 books I have never read before (0/20)
65. Read the Anne Rice Sleeping Beauty Trilogy
66. Ride on the back of a motorcycle at least once
67. Read 1 Sci-fi book of Sir’s choosing (cannot include in #46)
68. Buy myself more perfume to wear for Sir
69. Let my hair grow (trims only)
70. Get my hair professionally dyed
71. Strip and refinish Grandpa’s dresser
72. Try oysters
73. Go to brunch with Sir x5 (0/5)
74. Sing karaoke at a bar
75. Send a secret to PostSecret


76. Visit 3 US cities I have never been to before (0/3)
77. Go on a road trip
78. Travel west of the Mississippi River
79. Visit the Isle of Mann again
80. Take my children to England/Scotland/Wales
81. Complete travel journal for 2015 UK trip
82. Eat at a Michelin Star restaurant


83. Potty-train The Boy
84. Potty-train Baby 2.0
85. Create allowance/job charge for the boys
86. Complete both baby books
87. Have days out alone with both boys (0/2)
88. Get 1 year/4 year photos taken of the boys
89. Get 2 year/5 year photos taken of the boys


90. Complete my Five Year book in 2015
91. Buy a new Five Year book starting 2016
92. Make breakfast in bed for Sir, twice (0/2)
93. Finish at least 3 quilts (0/3)
94. Finish the king scrap quilt
95. Have a summer cook-out party
96. Buy/Move into a house
97. Get a job that pays more than my last job
98. Get another dog
99. Cook a family Thanksgiving Dinner
100. Attend my 10 year college reunion
101. Put $10 into savings jar for every goal I complete


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