Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.


My wrists are tied. The gag is already hurting the sides of my mouth. And the drool is pooling. I know he thinks it’s sexy, but I hate drool. It’s probably on the top of my list of humiliation. Lucky for me, he doesn’t notice my exasperated sigh.

My ankles are strapped together and then the big carabiner comes out. I’m always wary of that. Don’t get me wrong, it usually means that I am in for something really hot, but I’m going to be uncomfortable first. My wrists are clipped to my ankles.

Sir walks around the bed a few times to ‘survey me’. I close my eyes, if I try to rush him, it will only get me in more trouble. Sir’s hands start to massage and pinch at my thighs. I start breathing again when the pinching stops. Only now he is pulling my lips apart, never a good sign. But when his tongue hits my clit, I nearly rolled over. With my legs and arms up in the air, whenever he shifted weight on the bed, I leaned from one side to the other. I looked like one of those clowns that you can punch and punch and doesn’t fall over. Hopefully a sexy punching bag.

After his mouth and hands have gotten me hot enough to beg, he swings me back and forth by my ankle straps. I feel dizzy but still turned on by the time he stopped. He threw my legs to one side and slammed into me. A few good slaps to my ass and a couple whimpers and we were both flying high. Sir even let me cum after only begging for a few minutes.

Several orgasms, tears, and moans later we were a beautiful puddle.

Lessoned learned: Send him a message at work begging to lick his entire body. Your effort never goes unappreciated.

I’m starting to really love Mondays.


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