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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Just Wow

I get that I am only 29 (thirty is going to be a rough birthday). But last night I had the best orgasm of my life. I’m going to stick with ‘so far’ at the end of that statement. I have absolutely no doubts in Sir’s skills to top last night. But last night was so amazing, that I’m perfectly okay with it staying at the top for awhile.

It’s the middle of the afternoon and I’m still tingly. He edged for what felt like hours. He let me climb on top (he actually just likes to watch my boobs, otherwise I’m sure he would never allow it). But he made me go so slow, it was deliciously horrible. I had to slide up and down his cock without pulling all the way out. I couldn’t speed up and he wouldn’t touch me. When he finally let me pick up speed I think I shocked him with how fast I was moving. But then he started slapping my breasts. It was amazing. I would not have thought that the pain would do so much, but it pushed me to a different place. Afterward I just lay in Sir’s arms.

So anyway, I’m humming along today. It’s a wonderful sensation, but it’s not going to get the dishes done. Maybe I’ll offer to lick him all over again. That worked pretty well for me last time.

3 Responses to “Just Wow”

  • sub hub in phx

    I love those “afterglows” that last into the next day and beyond. Love your blog and for fun writing style. Devoted fan. Now, if it’s all like in my house, I’d go get those dishes done! *sgrin

    • CollaredMom

      Yeah, he texted me after I posted that he didn’t believe I would really leave them. He was right. And thanks for all the support. I know my writing style doesn’t work for everyone, so I am glad when someone can get something out of it.

  • Florida Dom

    WOW, lovely that he gave you your best one ever and you think he will top it. And don’t worry about being 30. You are just hitting your sexual prime. Think of all the great O’s that will be in your future.



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