Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Room 212, Part 2

Because the 1000 word limit was driving me crazy. I loved the Wicked Wednesday challenge this week, and just fell into this story and couldn’t stop. Thanks to Sir for the grammatical edits. Even I couldn’t keep up with what I was saying a few times.

Later that night

“Please Sir, please let me cum.” Sophia paused from licking Alice’s clit only to beg. Samuel slapped her ass hard as he rammed into her.

“Not yet, my pet. I can see that Alice is quite close and I would hate to deprive her.” Alice was impressed that his speed and power as his thrusts didn’t slow even as he answered Sophia’s request. And each thrust pushed Sophia’s tongue deeper between her thighs. And, more surprisingly, Samuel was right about how close she was. But the thought of keeping Sophia from her orgasm seemed mean. The whole idea of the evening was to rack up the orgasms, but this couple had a different type of connection than Alice has seen before. He knew what every high pitched moan of her’s meant, and she responded to the smallest eyebrow twitch or finger lift from him. It was one of the sexiest things that she had ever seen. And their attention on her was making this evening better than any threesome she had ever had.

Samuel gave a grunt, pulled his cock from Sophia and decorated her back with cum. His look of sheer pleasure pushed Alice over the edge and she came moments later. Sophia kissed her way up Alice’s stomach. Her hunger evident and Alice quickly realized that Sophia had been denied release. She looked at Samuel, feeling like she needed permission somehow. Samuel’s nod indicated that he knew exactly what she was asking. Not wasting time, Alice pulled Sophia’s face up to meet hers. Sophia tried to turn find Samuel, but Alice stopped her.

Alice grinned. “You’re mine now.”

Sophia’s eyes widened with lust and possibly a little fear. Alice knew Sophia wouldn’t relax without Samuel’s permission. She looked up to find Samuel cleaning himself off. He met Alice’s gaze, walked over and smacked Sophia’s ass. With this silent acquiescence, Sophia relaxed into Alice’s body. Samuel laughed and walked to the side of the bed to get comfortable.

Alice felt weird about the permissions, but also really hot somehow. She rolled Sophia over as she kissed up her stomach. Stroking up her thigh she found Sophia wet and ready. Alice slid two fingers across Sophia’s clit and earned a small moan. She was so turned on by the noise, she moved slower this time, trying to get the same response. Sophia melted into Alice’s hand as her tongue crushed into her mouth.

Alice’s hand started to move faster as her other hand found Sophia’s breast. She pinched her nipple and smiled as the moans grew deeper. She glanced around Sophia’s ear to see Samuel watching them. His eyes were intense as he lay casually on the spare bed. She wanted to encourage him to join them, but his gaze stayed on his wife’s body. Sophia’s breath quickened, but Alice slowed her hand. She let go of the nipple and reached out to Samuel’s leg. She grabbed his calf and pulled him toward them. Not much more direct than that. At least she didn’t have to stop kissing Sophia. She didn’t think he would take verbal orders well. But the physical gesture worked as intended. Almost immediately she felt him move in behind Sophia. One hand grabbed the nipple that Alice had been ignoring and the other found Alice’s hip. The grip with which he held on to her was more of a turn on than she would have thought. But she couldn’t get distracted, Sophia needed her.

Alice could feel how close Sophia was. She resumed her previous speed with her thumb grazing Sophia’s clit and the others trying to enjoy all the area that Samuel’s cock had previously softened. Her tight, wet opening was racing toward orgasm.

“Cum for me, my pet. Cum so she can see how beautiful you are as you shatter.” Samuel had hardly finished the sentence as Sophia screamed her release. She shuttered in both their arms as every muscle tightened and relaxed into a beautiful puddle. Alice brushed her hair back and rolled her into Samuel’s arms.

“He is right, you are quite possibly even more beautiful when you come.” Alice smiled and rolled off the bed. Samuel smiled up at her as he wrapped Sophia in the blanket and rose himself. Their exchanged glance told her the evening was over, which suited her sore muscles and tired eyes just fine.

“Are you happy you spent the evening with us Alice?” Samuel handed her a bottle of water and collected her dress and shoes as she drank a few sips.

“More than I even imagined. Thank you both. If it’s not too forward, please let me know the next time you are in town. I would love have to do dinner with you both if you have time.” By Samuel’s grin, he understood everything that her invitation for dinner entailed.

“Of course, here’s my business card with Sophia’s cell on the back. We’d love to hear from you if you’re ever in Boston.” He helped her zip up her dress and walked her to the door.

“Please tell Sophia that I would love to be her toy anytime. Goodnight.” He laughed as she gave him a peck on the cheek and walked down the hall toward the elevator doors. She kept smiling until her head hit her pillow forty-five minutes later.

*          *           *
“Really, at that same conference mixer where you met me?” Peter’s eyes were wide, but not angry.
“Yeah, that’s where I was going when you ran into me at the elevators.” Alice tried to read his face, to see if he was hoping for something exclusive or not. This type of conversation could determine that quickly.
Peter shrugged. “So, I guess it wouldn’t be terribly inappropriate of me to invite you back to my and my girlfriend’s place after dinner. If you would like to, of course.”
…So not exclusive then.

5 Responses to “Room 212, Part 2”

  • His slut

    Oh, my recent dream was before I read your story. Like I said, this is very close to the scenario Master has describe, except He won’t be touching the woman (He knows that will set me off).

    I can’t deny that aspects of your story definitely turns me on.

    • CollaredMom

      I am glad that it turned you on a bit. I really feel in the same boat as you with this ‘third’ issue. Sir has been good about it, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t say ‘suck it up buttercup’ whenever he wants. Touching is a sore point for me too. Fingers crossed we can push through this to make our Master’s happy.

    • His slut

      Does part of you want Him to just take full control and give you no choice? Part of me is truly turned on by that thought.

    • CollaredMom

      Part of me thinks that would be easier for me to handle. I don’t have any choice, just trust him to get me through it and deal with th e after effects later. But those after effects still haunt me a bit.

    • His slut

      The after effects haunt me almost every dream.


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