Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Room 212

Alice tried to remember who had given her the key. She had flirted with a couple of guys throughout the evening, but she couldn’t pinpoint who had put the key in her jacket pocket. Maybe the gorgeous blonde banker that bought her a drink. Or perhaps the yummy sportscaster who was calmly fondling the redhead on his arm. They were both checking her out, maybe they were inviting her to a night of fun. Either could end well for her, but it would be best if she knew what she was walking into. Alice looked around, but couldn’t see either man through the crowd.

After saying her goodbyes and slipping out of the ballroom she checked the key again. It said room number 212, so it should be on the second floor of the hotel. Alice walked across the entryway toward the elevators her skin was tingling with the excitement of what, or who, was waiting upstairs.

“Alice.” She stopped in her tracks, only to turn and see the blonde striding across the marble floor toward her. What was his name again?

“Peter, I thought you left.” Was he following her up to his room?

“I was just leaving now, actually. The valet is just getting my car.”

So, not his key; the couple then. Looking at Peter in front of her, she wouldn’t turn him down, but was more excited about the prospect of a threesome. She glanced up to see an expectant look on Peter’s face.

“Would you mind if I gave you a call and maybe we could have dinner sometime?” Alice smiled at Peter’s direct request. She loved guys who didn’t play games.

“Of course, here’s my number,” She pulled out one of her business cards and wrote her cell on the back. Peter took it with a sly grin. Alice felt the dirty thought that accompanied that grin, but the valet chose that moment to appear with his car. With a wistful glance, his smirk disappeared and he walked out the sliding glass doors.

Alice turned again to the elevators. Wow, she was having quite a night. A hot couple waiting to play with her upstairs and a guy interested for a future tryst. Maybe she would tell Peter about the couple upstairs on their first date to see how he reacted. She hit the up button and the doors opened immediately. With a deep breath she stepped in and watched the doors close.

She stared at the key in her hand as the elevator rose, as the door opened, and as she walked down the hall. Maybe she should have just turned the key in at the front desk and gone home with Peter. But the thought of what could be kept her moving until she stood in front of the door. Even with the key in the lock she knocked as she turned the knob.

“Come in.” The redhead’s voice was sweet. Alice realized she hadn’t heard her talk when they met downstairs. Her dress was hanging on the back of the desk chair. She wore a silky black nightie and had taken her hair down. She was stunning and Alice had to struggle to take her eyes back to removing the key from the lock and closing the door behind her.

“Samuel, we have a guest. I’ll get her a drink while you finish your shower.” She walked over the bar. “What can I get you Alice?”

Alice answered automatically, “white wine, please”, and shrugged off her coat.

The redhead pulled a bottle out of the wine fridge and a glass from the drawer. “It’s Sophia, by the way. Samuel is terrible at remembering to introduce me. Please, let me take your coat and make yourself comfortable. We are both so happy you decided to join us.”

Alice took the glass and sat on the end of the bed. After a large, unladylike gulp she set the glass on the carpet and started to unzip her dress. Sophia returned with her own drink.

“Let me help you with that.” Sophia set her own glass down and wrapped her arm around Alice’s waist. As she pulled the dress down she began kissing Alice’s neck, shoulder and moved slowly down her back. Alice turned as her dress fell to the floor and met Sophia’s lips. Alice’s body turned to fire as Sophia unhooked her bra and began sucking and pulling on her hardened nipples. She leaned down on the bed to cradle Sophia’s head against her chest and stroked her thigh. They were so overwhelmed with each other that Alice didn’t hear Samuel until he was directly behind them.

“Sophia you are insatiable. You couldn’t wait until I finished my shower? You will pay for starting without me.” Samuel grabbed Sophia’s hair and pulled her off Alice’s breast. Sophia whimpered, but immediately went to her knees in front of him.

“Yes Sir, I’m sorry Sir. I was just so excited about my present.” Sophia looked up at him with lust and adoration in her eyes. Alice watched the couple, completely transfixed. This was hotter than anything she had ever seen.

“Yes, you are sorry. And now I get to play with your toy by myself first. You can watch and pleasure yourself, but you cannot come or join us until I say. Maybe next time you will remember your self-control.” Samuel looked up at Alice with the same hunger he had given the woman kneeling in front of him. Alice scooted back on the bed, somehow even wetter than a few moments before. She heard Sophia pout as Samuel kneeled on the floor and pulled her thighs open and toward the edge of the bed.

“I hate to punish her. But she has to learn. After you come for me I’ll let her play with you some more. But until then, your pleasure will be mine. Thank you for joining us tonight Alice. Hopefully it will be one you will remember.”

Wicked Wednesday

9 Responses to “Room 212”

  • Lord Raven

    A very pleasurable evening for all I would think. Very hot write, I enjoyed it very much

  • thesindoll

    That ending was steamy! Nice piece. 😀

  • Jade A. Waters

    Very sexy! Room 212 is full of sensual surprises. Nice!

  • Marie Rebelle

    I love all the elements you have worked into this story and love the twists in it!

    Welcome and thanks for joining Wicked Wednesday. I hope to read more of your work!

    Rebel xox

    PS: Do you have a twitter handle? I tweet all links and would like to give you credit.

    • CollaredMom

      Thanks! Your website is great for inspiration, I’m hoping to be able to contribute often. Honestly, the worst part was the word limit. This one is right at 999 with several edits. I have a part 2 in draft as I just wanted to keep writing.

      My twitter is CollaredMom. Thanks again for your support.

    • Marie Rebelle

      Thanks, I have added your Twitter handle to the tweet that will go out tonight. I know the word limit can sometimes be difficult, but that’s part of the challenge 🙂

      And I look forward to reading part 2.

      Rebel xox

  • Molly

    Sounds like Alice is in for a very sexy evening


  • His slut

    You know I was intrigued. Now, I’ll have those nightmares. This story is too eerie to what Master wants (though He won’t be touching the girl and I definitely won’t be as ecstatic to enjoy “my gift” like Sophia)

    • CollaredMom

      Sorry His Slut. This has been in my head for awhile. I keep hoping it will be like that, but I’m not sure. Maybe if I keep writing I can wrap my head around it better. Good luck!


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