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Torturing Myself

So I had a great idea this morning. My infant son is almost six months old and I have not had any professional pictures of him taken. What kind of mother am I? I don’t really go in for all the baskets and pastels, just not my thing. But I know family would really like something other than the endless stream of sleeping baby photos on Facebook too. So, when my parents came to visit and suggested getting the kids out of the house, I jumped at the offer.

Sir had some work to do, so rather than lose time on Monday when we might get some time together, he stayed at the house. Now, you would think that three adults for two children, one of whom is not mobile, would be easy. And, yes, we did leave the studio and hour later with several adorable photos ordered. But this process is never anything resembling easy.
The oldest gets bored within five minutes. The baby is hungry. Now the oldest wants a toy because he is being so well-behaved even though he won’t stop complaining about this, that, and the other. Now the baby is past hungry and gone to tired. He is also wet. The oldest has decided which toy you are going to buy him, now he wants to tell you about it, in detail, while you are trying to get the baby to stop crying and smile for the photographer. At least she keeps giving you the look that says, ‘don’t worry, I see this all day’. Small comfort, let me tell you. The things we do to feel like an adequate parent.
Oh no, that is nothing. Because Sir has a big stressful work thing at the end of February, I thought I could get double points as a good sub and a good mom and I am taking the kids to England for two weeks. My parents are going over for six months, so we will be staying with them and doing touristy stuff. I am not a complete fool, my mother-in-law is going with me to help with the kids. So two adults with two kids at customs, this should be fun. It should be interesting, at least she and my folks get along. But I think when I get home I will be locking myself in the bathroom for a good long soak in the tub. With a bottle of wine….maybe two.

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  • His slut

    You are an awesome mom! Facing these challenges now will make you even a better mom later. Trust me! I hear so many complain that they could never do what I do with my children. I didn’t stop “enjoying” life because I had children. I had them enjoying with me the moment they were born. At times it was frustrating but so rewarding as they got older.

    Enjoy your vacation!


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