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Where Did All the Wooden Spoons Go?

Sir and I have only been doing TTWD seriously for a few months. So, our collection of toys is relatively limited (I’ve seen some pictures of some spectacular amounts of equipment). At this point we are trying to add pieces bit by bit. Budgets allow for a new piece every so often, but Sir has found that household items have found new uses as well. It’s surprising how many things have disappeared from my kitchen only to be found in our toy drawer. It’s uncanny.

For example,

Plastic spatula in the shape of a paint stirrer.

No, it’s not a used paint stirrer. This is a spatula, at least that’s its advertised used. It’s hard plastic with a silicone coating. It was bought by my father, of all people, at some expensive kitchen store when we were on vacation last year. He has one too. The last time we visited I could not help but laugh when he pulled it from a drawer and used it to mix pancake batter. All I could think about was how ours made this pretty set of pink lines across my ass. Sir smirked too.

But, despite its pretty green color, it hurts like you wouldn’t believe. The surface area isn’t big enough to distribute the pain effectively. So this just stings like a mother. And, please remember, that while I love to cry for Sir, I am not a masochist. I am not a lover of pain in any way. So me and this thing are not friends.

But paddles in general are a growing part of our BDSM. We use them in most scenes with various other impact toys. Still trying to figure out what works best for us and what gets Sir his pretty marks. But, I am sure that our paddle collection will grow. And my kitchen gadgets will continue to disappear.

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5 Responses to “Where Did All the Wooden Spoons Go?”

  • Jade

    Rats! I thought I posted a comment on here days ago…I guess it didn’t go thru. 🙁

    I love kitchen utensils as play toys, wooden spoons in particular! – using them later for their intended use always makes me giggle.

  • Amber Wolfe

    Hi there! New follower/reader here at your blog. Sir uses many kitchen utensils as well, He has one that looks almost exactly like that there in your photo! He also makes his own paddles, yikes.

    Enjoying your blog so far, look forward to reading more. 🙂

    x brat

  • cammies on the floor

    That saying that you are only limited by your imagination is certainly true. Very creative of you guys.
    I also don’t have a lot of toys, but slowly I’m hoping to accumulate more as well.

  • Curvaceous Dee

    I have a number of kitchen implements for paddling – rice spoons are the most popular – but that looks utterly nasty (and very pretty). I want two: one for the kitchen and one for me 🙂

    xx Dee

  • Molly

    Haha… same here with wooden spoons and also we have a bread board (which is in the picture on my Kink of the Week post) that Sir bought for 50p from a car boot sale. Surprising what you can pick up for next to nothing



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