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Whiskey then Rye

I was inspired by my photo from last Friday’s post. I asked Sir to help me recreate it. He agreed to help. We didn’t have any wine in the house, so Sir was ‘forced’ to use his good whiskey instead. The sacrifices he makes for me…

Rye's cunt in close up with a glass of whiskey next to it.

I looked up after he finished taking a few photos and said thank you. He had his own ideas. The look in his eye made all my muscles clench. My poor pussy hurt so good…

Rye's cunt in close up with an empty tumbler glass next to it. Rye's cunt is red raw and there are several red marks on her thighs.

I just wish that the camera showed how raised the marks were. And I cried so hard that he made me take a break before the cane came out and he fucked me raw. It was a great night. Especially after the weekend we had. Honestly, just bummed that we missed the chance to post for Sinful Sunday. Maybe next time.

2 Responses to “Whiskey then Rye”

  • Florida Dom

    Congrats on recreating that picture and what a nice touch that he also caned your pussy before he fucked you raw. I assume being sore makes you feel even more submissive. And does he want your pussy shaved or have you always shaved it? Easy to see why he must love your sexy pussy.
    Does he cane it often?


  • sub hub in phx

    What a fun thing and a very sexy picture to boot. Thank you for sharing.


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