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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

I Miss Sir

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A good day of walking and seeing sights. Why America has not accepted the bacon bap I will never understand. But, bacon sandwiches aside, I am quite lonely. I love my parents and mother-in-law dearly, but there is only so much to talk about. Especially when so much of what is important in my life is off limits. We head north tomorrow, so Scotland will offer new diversions.
None of this is helping with how horny I am. My nights under my two duvets on my little twin mattress are making things worse. I have been talking to Sir twice a day. He has told me that I am allowed to masturbate twice while I am gone. At first I thought I should try and hold out as long as I can because two weeks is a long time. However, I may have to take my chances where I can. The cold temperatures and cramped quarters are limiting.
I am surprised by how much I am craving a good fuck. The extra exercise is just increasing my sex drive. The night we get back to the states will definitely include some good begging. Maybe since I have missed two maintenance orgasm Wednesday’s he will be in a giving mood.
I can dream, can’t I?

One Response to “I Miss Sir”

  • ancilla_ksst

    Good luck in your begging and hope you are not too deprived!


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