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No Shaving

Since I am on vacation for a couple weeks, Sir has told me to stop shaving. I get to shave my armpits, but that is it. It has been a couple days now and I am surprised how much the growth doesn’t bother me. Now by the time I get home a week and a half from now that could be different.  It is saving an extra five minutes or so in the shower, which has been nice.

But I am afraid of going back. I am not sure if Sir will have me shave it off (my personal choice), or have me leave it to grow. It is, of course, his decision. Maybe he will let me start getting it waxed. Then again, be careful what you wish for, as he may decide to start waxing it himself.
Rye's pussy with three days unshaved growth.

3 Responses to “No Shaving”

  • sub hub in phx

    *smile Thank you for the picture CM!

  • ara

    Would you prefer waxing….

    • CollaredMom

      I have actually never had a bikini wax. It is on my 101 things list, so it will happen in the next few years either way.


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