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On the road again


Rye's arm holding a large cup of coffee.
This is my view this morning as we head south. The baby did not sleep well as he is struggling to cut his second tooth. So I am sure Sir wouldn’t mind that I went for a venti to help me wake up.
We are leaving Scotland today. We will do little day trips from my parents house near Stoke for the rest of our stay. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we can see at least a bit of Wales before we head home on Tuesday. It is hard to believe that it has been fifteen years since I have visited many of these places. And seeing so many new things with the kids has been great. Lots of fun things for their travel books, since the six month old won’t remember.
I did get a chance to talk to Sir last night. He went shopping without me and bought several fun new toys. We have been talking about getting new sets of cuffs for awhile. I made the set we use now, which work well, if I do say so myself. But there are some really pretty metal shackles that he has been eyeing for quite awhile, and he finally opted to buy them. But his spirits were up, which is nice. His work stuff ends today, so he should have a few days to relax before the kids and I get home.
Scotland has been amazing. It’s been years since I have been here and I still feel a connection to this place every time I come. It has been hectic with the kids, but I still feel peacefully calm driving through the highlands. I may have to see if I can talk Sir into coming back with me soon. Maybe without the kids, for a nice getaway. He proposed to me here, so it will always be special.
Looking forward to a few days around the house. There is laundry to do and sleep to catch up on. Tea and biscuits after dinner is becoming a lovely habit. And walking at least three miles a day is making up for the pints of cider that I have been enjoying. I am dreading the flight back, but trying not to think on it too much.
Instead I will sit back, enjoy my coffee, and watch the beauty of Scotland pass by.

2 Responses to “On the road again”

  • ancilla_ksst

    New toys! That is cool. And I’m kind of envious of you being in Scotland. I have always wanted to see that country.

  • abby

    I did manage a visit to Scotland a while back…loved it. I love cuffs…
    hugs abby


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