Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

The Audition

“Come in, Rye. Welcome.” I walked in with my head bowed. Quickly removing my coat so he could inspect me. As ordered, I was wearing only the wrist and ankle cuffs and leather collar that were provided. I had left my shoes in my car as well. After handing him my coat I knelt on the floor in the display pose that the company taught me. He smiled as he placed my coat across a chair in the front entryway. He had on brown slacks and a knit sweater that was a gorgeous wedgewood blue. I wasn’t used to seeing Doms in anything but black. My assumption that they just maintained an all black wardrobe didn’t make much sense, even as I thought it. And the blue sweater looked great with his chestnut hair and dark eyes. Black was overrated. He turned and walked down the hall, his hand made a small waving motion that I could only assume was him telling me to follow him.

The staffing agency had prepped me for this interview. I was looking at it as more of an audition. If he selected me, then I would receive training from one of the most respected Dominants in New York City. Six months living and working with him could prepare me for any professional Dom. I was not going to screw up this opportunity.

I crawled after him, staying just behind his left foot. I was trying to take everything in. The hallway was long and there were several doors on either side. A large archway on the right opened into a dining room with a large table and antique looking chairs. Even from the crawling posture I could see the beautiful mahogany wainscoting that ran the length of the hall. The end opened up into a large living room with dark wood and leather furniture. He pointed down as he walked past the center of the room. I stopped at the imaginary spot on the floor and returned to display position. Even with my eyes down I could see the room was dimly lit with candles. There was a table off to one side with several things displayed, but it was out of focus for me. Instead I watched him walk to a large wooden chair with ornate carving and velvet looking cushions. It was regal. I was practically drooling just looking at his furniture; God, I wanted this job.

“Now, just to get a few of the cursory questions out of the way. I have reviewed the medical file that was sent with your application. You don’t have any previous Dominants as references, this was encouraged in the information that was sent to the various agencies. Can you explain why you did not include any?” His voice was somehow stern and soft at the same time.

“My experiences have all been at clubs and private parties, Sir. I haven’t worked with any Dominant or couple for more than a night or two. I didn’t feel comfortable asking any of them to vouch for me with such a limited exchange.” Why was I rambling? I had gone through these answers. The explanations of my inexperience, my hard limits, my inability to eat raw spinach without being sick; I had gone over everything. Just shut up and look and down.

“If you haven’t been in any kind of D/s exchange beyond a few nights in a public club, why do you want to engage with a professional under a contract of several months? I’m not looking for a sub who will get cold feet and walk out after a week. This is a serious commitment for both of us. I maintain a lifelong connection with my submissives and I have never worked with someone so inexperienced. Why should I take you on?”

He made a good point. I hadn’t considered that I would be his most inexperienced candidate. Honestly seemed my only option; I can’t lie with rehearsal, much less on the spot.

“I work better with routine, Sir. I’ve decided that my need to submit is finally strong enough to give it everything it deserves, and I’m not going to dabble with a bunch of Doms to learn how to be a good submissive. I am looking to study to fully immerse myself in pleasing one person. I feel that if I can complete a long-term contract successfully, then I can realistically work with anyone. And, honestly, your reputation precedes you.” Was that too honest?

“What’s my reputation?” He didn’t sound angry, just curious. Ok, I can still save this.

“You are well known as one of the most experienced Dominants in the city. I’m not bratty, but I do need structure and consistency, and you are well known for both. I talked to a few of your previous subs and they assured me that I would benefit from your expertise.” I looked up as I finished my answer. He had great eyes. I wanted him to know that I wasn’t lying.

“I know. Clarissa and Hanna both let me know that you were researching me. In fact, you were the only applicant smart enough to research and reach out to my former subs. That is why I brought you in, even with your limited resume. I was impressed, the agency didn’t tell you to do that. Otherwise all the other applicants would have too. Your tenacity outweighs your inexperience in this case, and I agree that after talking to the references you did provide, that you could benefit from my training. And, possibly more importantly for me, Clarissa and Hanna both believe that I could benefit from the experience of training a novice. A breathe of fresh air could be good for me.” Really?

“I certainly don’t want to be presumptuous Sir, but are you offering me a contract?” I was smiling like a fool, I knew it.

“Once we settle on particulars and sign, you can move into the basement apartment. You have a private entrance, which you may eventually earn a key to. I will have movers help you with your belongings and the rest will be settled in the contract. I will grab a bottle of wine and meet you in the dining room in five minutes. You may relax on protocols for the rest of the evening.”

“Yes, Sir.” I still didn’t stand. I was tingling I was so excited. Breathe, just breathe. I still had to figure out the contract. Only one glass of wine and pay attention.

“And Rye,” He slowed his pace, but continued toward the hall. “I am eager to give you the experience you crave. I think we’ll have a very interesting next few months.”

As soon as the sound of his footsteps faded down the hall I collapsed on the floor. I did it. I passed the test, aced the interview, got the part. I couldn’t believe it. Now I just had to get up and figure out how to walk long enough to make it into a chair in the dining room.

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2 Responses to “The Audition”

  • Molly

    Sounds like the perfect type of interview to me


  • Marie Rebelle

    Like Molly said – the perfect type of interview. And I look forward to a next part of this story 🙂

    Rebel xox


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