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British toys are better

Below is a toy that my three year old picked up during our trip. I believe it was on the front of a magazine. They do a lot of kid’s material in print form. Each show has a magazine with info, stickers, toys and other games. They are really interesting. We, of course, had to buy every Octonauts one we saw. So we have a great stash set aside for the plane flight home.
The below, however, I think came from a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse copy. I just think it is quintessentially British. Very few American toys appreciate the tin of beans as a play food necessity. He even knew what to do with them.


Miniature cook top with pot, pan, and tiny tin of beans.


Miniature cooktop with beans in pot.
Today is our last day in the UK. Our flight heads out tomorrow for what is sure to be the longest, most stressful travel day ever. So, we are lounging today. Sorting, packing, and lots of tea. Heading to the pub tonight to enjoy an amazing meal with friends. But first, coffee and breakfast. And I am craving beans on toast.

2 Responses to “British toys are better”

  • DelFonte

    My kids love those magazines, the older one gets books with hers. However, we have amounted quite a collection of small plastic things and they do turn up everywhere – in my handbag, the car, under the furniture….My youngest loves the little phones they give out.
    Yeah to baked beans on toast! You’re making me hungry.

  • Jon MontanaVega

    One could debate whether Americans are idiots … but it sure is nice to have heat in the middle of the night in the typical Canadian or American home, isn’t it?

    You shouldn’t beat yourself up (or let Sir do it) for staying under the duvet for another minute. Trying to be a “perfect” parent is a recipe for emotional disaster. IMHO. You got up. Baby got fed. Baby survived. Will Mom survive? Yes … if she treats herself with kindness.



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