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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Glad to be home

Getting back to a normal state after some sleep. Sir and I have had some ‘trouble’ keeping our hands off each other. I am one insatiable sub, let me tell you. Being away for two weeks was fine while I was busy and getting exercise to tire me out. But now that I am home I realize how horny I was. All day he hardly had to brush my arm and I was begging to cum. And such I am such a good little sub (cough cough) he has been letting me. He is back to work today and I still have cleaning to catch up on. Right now the baby is only one that is running a slight fever, which I am surprised by considering all the flights and airports. I think the IV of coffee I have inserted is what is protecting me. The Boy lets the dog lick inside his mouth, so his immune system must be set. So, unpacked and holding strong to the weekend.

My shackles are pretty nice. I will get a photo of them for you soon. But I wish they were smaller, as they are quite loose on my wrists. It doesn’t bother me most of the time, but when they come down on my hand with force they cut the skin a bit. I don’t think he will have me wear them all the time, fingers crossed, but we may be able to adapt them so they are more comfortable for long-term wear.
The riding crop was a real hit though, pun intended. Aside from being really turned on by the idea of being hit by a riding crop, I was surprised by the varying degrees of pain. Sir has a lot of control over the intensity and placement of his strikes. In any case, he had me count smacks while I sank back into my sub mindset. It was blissful. I am sure over the last two weeks I earned more of a beating, but I will not turn up my nose at his generousity.
Especially when it contains a continuous stream of orgasms.

4 Responses to “Glad to be home”

  • DtBHC

    Sounds like a happy home cuming. Pun intended.

    My question is based on your post of a few days ago. In desiring to become his slave, what is the one thing that would signify this change for you?

  • ancilla_ksst

    Has there been anything your Sir desires that you are concerned about, that you’d rather not have to deal with?

  • kaya

    Why do you ask the steak question?


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