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Instant Sexy

Woman's back with maroon corset being laced up.
We know about those underwear that magically hold everything in place. You may not want to admit that you know about them, but you do. You may even own a pair or two. There is security in everything being exactly where it should be, especially if it looks smaller there too. But you always put on a dress or something over them. The underwear on their own aren’t terribly sexy. You are not surprising your lover in a body suit of lycra and elastic, much less if they see you trying to climb into one of those things. Look, I’ve had two kids, I have no shame, but I still ask Sir to leave the room when I have to put one of those things on. There are some things even he shouldn’t see.
So what do you wear when you want to look and feel good without the outerwear? Your answer, my friend, is the corset. I have never owned anything else to make me feel sexier. I bought my first corset at a renaissance fair when I was in high school. I had worn them as part of ballet costumes, but never owned one or wore one off the stage. It was black and velvet and it made my boobs look great. I’m not sure I wore it out of my house. I think I put it on for my boyfriend once. But I would wear it around my room, using it to create self-confidence where there was none in my gangly high school frame.
Sir actually bought me my second corset. It was from Frederick’s of Hollywood. I actually still have it, though I’m not sure it fits. Again, it made me feel thin and sexy, my tits looked amazing. I’ve never owned an under-bust corset, I may have to try that sometime. Though, I have learned that as much as Sir appreciates the look of me in a corset, he is not as patient with the removal of it. So I haven’t pushed too hard for a new one. If I could find one that I could get into without his help I could actually surprise him.
But, even if it takes some work to get it tightened until I can hardly breathe, I have never felt sexier than I do in a corset and high heels.

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4 Responses to “Instant Sexy”

  • Molly

    Oh you are so right…. they look sexy as hell and I feel sexy as hell in one


    • Rye

      I may have just spent an hour looking at corsets online. That’s big for me as I hardly spend more than five minutes on my wardrobe.

  • sub-Bee

    There is nothing that looks sexier than a corset from the beautiful shape they create to how they make me feel like different person whilst I’m wearing one.

    • Rye

      I completely agree


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