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No Escape

After everything with Blogger and the possible changes in their adult content policy, I started to look at all options. Sir and I discussed self-hosting and it’s costs. He has been really supportive of my writing, so we started a search for various domains and web-hosting companies. I found a few that weren’t disgustingly expensive, but then I ran into other problems.

I found a site (which I won’t name, because they were great about the whole thing) that is used by a non-profit Sir works with. And their work is beautiful. I set up my account and got a 14-day trial to test out my site and design it how I liked. And the cost wasn’t prohibitive at all. So I began to tinker. My posts and photos imported without too much trouble. Finding a design and template were easy. I have some coding experience to help me through some of the bumps and I was happy with how the layout looked. I was ready to hand them money and start out fresh, away from blogger’s eventual tyranny. And then Sir had to go and make a good point.

“Do these guys have any policies about hosting adult content?”  He asked it as if I already knew the answer. Of course, I am not just purchasing a domain name, I am paying this company to host and use their services. Crap.
So, I got into an online chat with their support team. Again, they were very professional and nice. But I asked about the specifics of their terms of use policy, and things went downhill from there. They suggested that my blog may fit into their terms, but I would need to limit nudity as much as possible. And, as the photos Sir took of my tits earlier this week shows, that’s not really going to happen. I don’t post photos that often. Usually Sir is too into a scene to get pictures. Or I take them with my phone, and I have not worked out how you are supposed to get them off of it (computers and I are fine, phones and I have a mutal discord). But anyway, the photos, while few, are usually quite graphic. So, back to the drawing board.
I guess I just feel like if I can get settled into my own site now, it will be easier than trying to move a huge blog later on. And, this blog has posts from 2010 and 2011, which have nothing to do BDSM. I don’t really mind them, but I can imagine that it would be quite confusing to be reading about how Sir and I are trying to get pregnant with our first child and jump to two kids and kink. Plus, I whined a lot back then (I still whine, but I think I am better at wording it). And if blogger decides to ‘update’ its content policy in the future, I don’t know how much time I would have to move before things were deleted.
So, we will see what Sir and I can come up with. There is no time crunch as yet, but as I am looking to re-enter the work force and we are still figuring out if we should buy a house this year or next, I don’t want to be in the middle of a technical move at the same time as a literal one.

4 Responses to “No Escape”

  • DtBHC

    Hi CollaredMom,

    Please go and checkout This has been set up expressly for sex and kink related blogs. Lady M is running the site and it is very professional even though it is only a few weeks old. There are around 20 blogs in various stages of development and the best part it is free, although Lady M gratefully accepts donations. I have two sites up and running that you can check out – and The site uses the WordPress suite of applications.

    • CollaredMom

      Honestly, that was the first place I went when blogger went crazy a few weeks ago. And the site looks great. I really want to support what they are doing. The only reason I didn’t jump directly on the bandwagon was my ineptitude with WordPress. I tried it years ago when I started my first blog. It wasn’t awful, but I just found blogger so much easier. I’m not ruling FetBlogger out, I just want to look at all my options.

  • kaya

    I can recommend someone if you want. You’d control the whole thing, obviously adult friendly, your own domain. Just let me know. 🙂 She’s not free but she’s reasonable.

    • CollaredMom

      Thanks. I will private message you. I would love to check out what she can do.


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