Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.


Ok, I need to brag for just a moment. After the last few weeks of stress and emotion, I am taking the opportunity to be gleeful today.

Sir passed the bar…again. Now he can practice law in two states. We are hoping to live along the state line, so this opens up another market when he starts his practice next year. It’s just a huge weight off of his shoulders. Having to study and take the test while also managing cases and clients has been really rough for him. I’m just so proud of him and glad that we can put this layer of stress behind us.

And, my mother-in-law is taking the kids this weekend. It will be the first time, I think since Baby 2.0 was born, that we will have two nights to ourselves. Two nights…in a row. And, we have a double date. I can’t even scream loud enough at this machine to tell you how excited I am. Social interaction with other adults. Usually, for me, that’s talking to the person at the checkout counter at the grocery store. I’m practically giddy.

Breathe, breathe…

I am trying to limit my expectations of any kink though. We have been really stressed these last few months and this opportunity to unwind, just together, is more than I could have asked for right now. We both joked that tonight is just about getting a full night’s sleep and we can play tomorrow. Especially as Baby 2.0 was up a lot last night as he is teething. But I think that the rejuvenation of passing the bar and a good sleep will help us have energy for a fun, kinky evening. He has mentioned me naked and crawling all afternoon on Saturday. And, while I’m wet just thinking about it, I’m trying not to get too excited. But a full day and night of playtime could be an interesting experiment on my body. Normally marks don’t last more than an hour or so after a scene, but we have never had the time or privacy for such an extended play session. But, see, I’m already getting overly excited.

I hope everyone has equally fun plans for the weekend. Right now I need to go get all my weekly tasks done so I don’t have to worry them the next two days. And I have to pack up the boys’ things for when Grandma arrives to get them.

Sorry for bragging, but I figured after listening to me whine the last few weeks you could put up with the good news.


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