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Earning my stripes

It’s happened. I mean, I thought it would happen, I knew it would happen eventually, but color me surprised that it actually did. I did what he told me to. He told me to take meds, I didn’t really want to, but I did anyway. I didn’t want to seem like I was not listening.

I had a headache this morning. But it wasn’t my usual behind the eye pounding. I slept (or didn’t sleep as the case may be) awfully and had this horrible shooting pain down the back of my left ear. It was quite the morning pre-coffee. But, after I got some oatmeal, my head returned to normal. However, I received this text after Sir got to work:

Sir: Did you take meds?

me:  the headache went away after I got some food so I didn’t need meds

Sir:  A headache in the back of your head is not the sort of thing that is caused by hunger. It is probably caused by stress and muscle tightening throughout your back. Ibuprofen is a mild muscle relaxant and will help the tendons and sinew in your spine to relax so that, if you do get tense again, you will have a better chance of avoiding a repeat headache. I told you twice now to take meds and you haven’t done it. This is verging on being bratty and I don’t appreciate it. Take two ibuprofen. Now.

My first reaction was to whine. Internally, of course, but I did. Why do I have to take meds when I don’t have a headache anymore? I rationalized my choice. And then I thought about it. I thought about being bratty, which I really don’t want to be. I thought about him being disappointed in me. I pushed it aside. I moved the laundry and got the mail. I was getting more coffee and an instant later I found myself opening the bottle of ibuprofen.

Two pills and a glass of water later I realized what had happened. I had submitted. When I didn’t really want to, and I wasn’t promised sexual gratification. It was amazing. Somehow freeing and calming. And surprisingly, a real turn on.

So I have started my weekend earning my ‘even when I didn’t think I wanted to’ badge. I’ll put it between my anal sex badge and my ‘quiet orgasm with the kids in the next room’ badge. Go me!

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