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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Training Session, Part II

This is a continuation from yesterday’s post: Training Session, Part I.

I sat kneeling next to Sir. He would pet me occasionally as he sipped his bourbon. It was a chance to just be with him. It helped to recenter me. When Mistress returned I was ready.

Up on the bed again Rye. Lay on your back. 

I set my glass on the floor and stood. Sir helped me up and I lay as she instructed. Sir kissed my hand as he let go of me.

I felt the sub rub his hand up my thigh. He was much gentler than scum (or worm, or whatever she called him). His cock rubbed up and down my pussy, putting delicious pressure on my clit. I moaned, but didn’t reach for him. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed. After a few more seconds rubbing my opening, he pushed into my pussy.

Now you see why he is one of my favorites Rye. He has been trained like this before. He will be a challenge for you. 

He moved slowly. A much different approach. I started to build immediately. And I could feel him hold back where he could. But he wasn’t fighting it. He shifted his right leg and got a much deeper angle. We both groaned at the same time and I arched up into him.

That is my generous cock. Make her come, cock.

I felt his weight shift and he drove deeper with his thrusts. Then two fingers ran up my clit and pinched. I screamed and came hard. It took me completely by surprise. I was glad Sir had never done that, I wouldn’t have had time to ask permission to come.

I could hear Sir and Mistress laughing on either side of me.

Good cock. Here, climb off of her so she can get up and we can get you tied down. Good job, pet, you have pleased me. She will not be so nice to you, I think.

I sat on Sir’s lap again while the sub was restrained. When I heard Mistress walk around the side of the bed I stood up. Sir directed me into place. He slapped my ass for encouragement.

Don’t forget, cunt, you have two minutes this time. Show me how much you love to suck cock.

Yes, Sir.

I started slow. My tongue sliding up and down the sub’s cock. He moaned and pulled on the restraints. I reached my hands around to grab his ass and push his pelvis into my face. I took him deep in my throat and gagged.

He moaned and I took him deep again.

One minute, cunt.

I tried not to think about the time counting down. If I picked up speed too quickly he would desensitize and not come in time. Instead I kept my steady rhythm. He groaned and began to thrust up into my mouth. I began to rub his taint in sync with my lips tightening around his shaft. His breath quickened and his leg muscles clenched. I reached my hand up to pinch his nipple and push him over the edge.

Time’s up.

Sir grabbed my hair and pulled me back and off the bed. He was so close, but I had failed. I could feel Sir’s anger as he stood next to me. I heard the clips release and the sub move off the bed. Sir pushed me forward and bent me over the edge of the bed. One hand pushed the middle of my back as the other spread lube over my ass. I had forgotten about this part of the task, as it hadn’t been necessary last time. But this time I had failed. This was my last chance. I knew I would be punished for not meeting the two minute deadline; I could not make it worse by failing to make the sub come at all.

When Sir was done, he released my back and I scrambled onto the bed. I needed him to know that I would not dissappoint him again. I felt the sub climb up behind me. He didn’t force himself, he just rested his dick against me and let me push back onto him. But then he immediately started to move. He started to breathe heavily after just a few thrusts. He wasn’t going to be able to hold out long, I had him quivering just moments before. But I also didn’t know how long this would go on, and I couldn’t take any chances. The next thrust I curved my hips down and pushed back against him. It only took two more thrusts for him to shutter and collapse onto me.

I sunk into the bed underneath him. I had avoided further disappointment, but it didn’t matter. Sir had given me a task, and I had failed.

Cock, you are making progress, but you failed to resist her charms. And if not for a shortened task by Rye’s Sir, you would have broken just like scum. Back to your cage. Another rest, perhaps? 

Yes Dawn, that will be necessary. I need to deal with Rye’s failure. Do you care if your slaves see her shame, or should we go somewhere else?

No, they may witness how a true slave is treated when they displease their master. They will realize how easy they have it here.

I had never been punished in front of others before. Impact scenes were different, he wasn’t truly displeased with me then. Though I deserved this ultimate humiliation as I had made him look bad by not meeting his requirements, it would be hard for others to see it.

I got up off the bed and knelt on the floor. I heard little as all footsteps walked away from me, but I knew Sir would return. I waited. I was near tears with shame and fear when I again felt him close. He pulled me up and had me walk away from the bed.


I quickly knelt down into position, speed taking precedence over grace. After a moment my blindfold was ripped off. My eyes adjusted quickly to the limited light in the room. It was twice the size of our bedroom at home. A seating area at one end and the bed at the other. Next to an ornate chaise lounge were three large dog cages, each filled with a naked sub. All three men looked at me with a mixture of pity and glee. Mistress appeared beside me holding a drink.

Take a seat, Dawn. This won’t take long, but it must be dealt with now. I don’t want her to get into her own head and ruin the evening.

I understand. She has preformed admirably so far, I know this hiccup eats at her and will not be repeated.

Nonetheless, her blindfold has been removed so that she cannot hide her face. It will be returned when I am done. On all fours, Rye.

I dropped my hands down and let my head hang.

You will receive fifty strikes for your inadequacy Rye. And when I am done, you will be forgiven. Do you understand?

Yes, Sir.

Before I had even finished the word Sir, the cane came down across my ass. My body shot forward to try and absorb the impact, to no avail. I kept count in my head, as I knew everyone else in the room was doing. Tears were streaming down my face before the fifth stroke fell. He kept moving up and down my thighs and ass alternately, so nothing had the chance to go numb. I felt every hit. I glanced up to see Mistress sipping her drink. Behind her, all three subs were stroking their hard cocks. They were enjoying my punishment. That made the next few strikes easier somehow, that they were not pitying me. Why I cared what they thought, I don’t know. Something to distract me from the sting of each hit.

What number am I on, Rye?

Thirty-eight, Sir.

I must have been correct, because the beating continued without response. After the last strike I let out an audible sob. I often did this to let out the last of my shame at disappointing him. He grabbed my waist and I curled into his chest as he carried me back to his chair. He took my hair down so he could run his hand through it while he rubbed my back. All the time whispering that he loved me and that he was proud of me.

I know that this has been intense, but you are doing a wonderful job. You are doing your best for me, and you are presenting yourself beautifully. I couldn’t be prouder of my slave.

We sat there for a few minutes. I think he finished his drink, but another appeared quickly. I didn’t care about what anyone else was doing, I was just being a loved slave, and I wasn’t going to rush him.

Alright pet, time to impress me again. Do you think you can show Mistress what a real slave looks like?

Yes, Sir.

That’s my girl.

I knelt in front of him as he re-braided my hair and slipped the blindfold in place.

Ok, Dawn, bring on the next victim.




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