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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

The Morning Switch

Mornings with two young children is unlike any experience I had growing up or in college. I consider myself a morning person. Since a very young age I have consistently woken up before my alarm, no struggle to hop in the shower and be on my way. I’m a coffee fanatic, but honestly, that isn’t really to wake me up, it’s more for flavor and focus. But even with the promise of coffee I stagger out of bed in the morning these days. I shuffle around to get the kids and Sir ready and out the door when it finally becomes quiet and I can turn my brain on without fear.

Sir is another animal all together. He’s never really been into mornings anyway. In college he used to shove a towel under his door so his room would be completely dark and he could sleep later without the hall noise waking him. Definitely a coffee required to function type person.

So I have noticed a reality forming. Between 6:15am (when his alarm first sounds) and 7:20ish (when he and boys generally walk out the door) we switch roles. I am the task master. If I’m not awake when his alarm goes off (rare), I will get up, get dressed and start motivating the kids. The baby is generally up around 6, so usually we are both up and dressed before the alarm. I have a feeling Baby 2.0 takes after me in the morning person camp and the three year-old falls in line with Sir. He will cover his head with the blanket when I turn on the light and pretend to be asleep until the baby attacks him or there is a promise of food. Can’t wait until that one is a teenager.

Sir will hit snooze at least once, more if I let him. But I try to get the three year-old in and out of the bathroom before I bug him too much. However, if he’s not out of bed by the time the kids and I are ready to head downstairs my inner-Domme will kick into gear. It’s my standard MomDomme response. The same attitude I take when the kids and I are out. The same instinctual reaction that kicks in when someone gets hurt or something breaks. Clear the area, clean up the mess. Not that Sir is a mess or an emergency situation, just the side of me that I tap into to get through the first hour of the morning.

It’s always respectful, but it’s my job to make sure he’s out the door on time, so occasionally forceful becomes necessary. If I get the coffee going, let the dog out to pee and get the kids settled with breakfast and cartoons before I hear the shower turn on he is in real trouble. When I say ‘real trouble’, I mean it’s sub for go check on him to make sure he’s ok and remind him that he needs to get going. When he comes down for breakfast I will ask him what he would like me to pack for his lunch. Gently pushing him along as he gets his shoes on.

The kids get their shoes on and the baby gets strapped into his bucket seat. I double check that Sir has everything he needs and help him haul everyone out to the car. Once the kids are loaded, he gives me a kiss and tells me to be a good girl. I say of course and I love you too. Then I wander back into the house to eat my own breakfast and pour myself a cup of life nectar (sorry, I mean coffee). Then I sit down at my computer to spend time blogging and start work.

I’m not sure when the switch shift happens. Probably when he tells me to be a ‘good girl’. My domme’s job is done until the next morning when necessity calls.


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