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Trophy Wife

Tonight Sir and I have to go to a work dinner. No one else from his firm is going, so we will be alone in this party of old hats. But, it’s a night out. There is a cocktail hour before dinner and hopefully some dessert. I don’t have to cook or clean up after; I’m certainly not going to complain.

But I do need to dress up. Luckily, I haven’t lost too much weight yet and all my dressy clothes still fit. It’s a pretty fancy event, but I’m hoping I can avoid panty hose. Is that too informal? In any case, the afternoon will be trying to decide what to wear.

My parents are coming to watch the kids and my mother has a good idea for this sort of thing, so I’ll bounce some options off of her. Sir will evaluate when he gets home, but there won’t be a lot of time to spend. So if I can narrow it down to two or three choices it will really save time. Come to think of it, I only have four nice dresses, so it won’t take too long.

After I get the kids we will do our weekly run to the grocery. Then I have to try and get my afternoon chores done, my workout in, and once my parents get here I can get a shower and get ready to go. I haven’t had to get dressed up like this for a while. When Sir and I get a chance to go out we don’t waste time getting pretty. So I really don’t know how long it take to actually do my hair, make-up and get all those undergarments on. I should probably give myself a lot of time. I am hoping to get some plug hours in by wearing it out tonight. Hopefully Sir won’t want to ‘decorate’ me in any other way. The glass plug will be distracting enough as I laugh at bad jokes and make small talk.

And I may have to pull out the ‘hold me in’ underwear for the evening (don’t pretend like you don’t know what I mean when I say that).

4 Responses to “Trophy Wife”

  • Simina

    I wouldn’t say no hose is too informal. Of course, I do not own pantyhose of any kind because I’m fluffy and they look stupid and squish me. However, I do have a tendency to wear ankle length skirts…so…

    As to the girdle panties, my mom has always called them “gut suckers” so that is what I know them as.

  • ancilla ksst

    I have a pair of those “hold me in” underwear too. They’re not super attractive when the dress comes off, but sometimes worth the trade off to feel a bit more streamlined when the dress is on. A friend and I were joking that to truly get the Cher body (she does use some kind of tape) we need to be wrapped entirely in duct tape except for our heads- to keep the fat from just shifting to new places!

    • Rye

      I imagine your Sir would have an enjoyable time ripping it off you at the end of the night too 😉

  • ancilla ksst

    Ohhh, duct tape left on skin for a while really hurts when ripped off- he did that once or twice- left some huge red swaths.


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