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The Luddite Blogger

I use technology. It gives me hilarious conversations on twitter and helps me find my way when I am lost. It has given me a camera phone to get adorable pictures of my kids, and connected me to all of you out there in blog land. But here’s the thing: I hate it. I hate that it never works when I really need it. I hate that the battery dies and my calls drop and the minute I buy something it’s two steps behind the new ‘it’ thing.

This computer (bless it) is hardly five years old and I keep thinking about how I am going to have to replace it soon. Sir is always stressed about how old his gaming computer is and how there are TVs coming out that are bigger than his (a penis envy thing, but I don’t dare call it that to his face). I could care less, but it bothers him, therefore it bothers me. It is difficult to constantly live in a world of upgrades and worrying about out of date programs. When I was younger I wanted to be Amish. Not for any of the religious reasons, but just the tranquil, live off the land, make your own candles and sew your own clothes aspects. I grew out of that fantasy; although I bet there are some kinky ordnungs out there.

The biggest issue is the phone. Sir and I found a smaller cellphone company a few years ago and upgraded to smartphones. Hardly six months after we got them Sir wanted something new. But, as long as they worked, I was fine. I use the phone to occasionally text and tweet and log my calories for my fitness tracker. That’s about it. We don’t have a home phone, so my cell is used as our contact for doctors and daycare so people don’t bother Sir at work. I have a few games on there and will take the odd picture. I just enjoy reading a real book and writing on a paper day planner. It helps me keep track of everything. I’ve deleted so many appointments on accident when I tried to use calendar applications. I think I’m just not smart enough for technology sometimes. I think that WordPress was built for me as it can be as idiot proof as you want to make it. I keep learning new fun things to use to entertain you. You should have seen me the day I figured out how to text wrap around pictures.

But Sir had been getting itchy over the last few months about his phone and wanting to upgrade. So last week when my phone stopped working; he jumped at the chance.

I was out running errands and I noticed that my car was low on gas. I have to request permission before making purchases and notify him immediately if there is an unforeseeable expense. So I texted him a dirty comment, because why not, and then let him know that I needed gas and asked would it be ok to get some while I was out. I didn’t hear back from him immediately, which is common if he is in a meeting or on a call. But after I checked a few things off my list I looked at my phone and realized the text hadn’t even gone through. After checking my connection, trying to call his work landline and my mother’s cell phone, I determined that the problem was on my end. I spent the next few hours out and about with no way to contact him. I tried direct message on twitter and an email, but without a data connection, nothing went through. After getting the kids and heading back to the house I walked up onto our back deck and my phone went crazy. It had hit the wireless internet coming from inside the house and everything had turned back on. All my messages went through and I could make calls again. I finally got ahold of Sir to explain my lack of communication throughout the morning, but he understood and was concerned about my technology issue. After trying to get ahold of tech support and dealing with an email exchange that was less than helpful, Sir decided we were going to switch companies to someone larger who had a phone number for support help. His concern (mine as well) was that when the phone wasn’t working, I didn’t even have the ability to call 911 and if I was out with the kids or at home and our internet went down, I wouldn’t have a way to get help if I needed it.

So, we are switching companies and new phones should be delivered today. I went for an older model phone. I’m not big on having the new thing, as long as it works I’m happy. Sir is getting the next model x phone that’s as big as your head. But he uses his phone to do everything, so it makes sense that he would have something with all the bells and whistles. I just hope he likes it. Hopefully my simpler model will be user friendly for me and I won’t have too many issues moving my contacts, photos, etc. It can’t be any harder than moving blog platforms a few months ago. I had help with that though (a lot, if I’m completely honest). Maybe tonight I will ask Sir to take a break from playing with his new toy to help me set everything up. I’m sure I could offer up a service in trade. Scrubbing the kitchen floor in a push-up bra may be too distracting though.

4 Responses to “The Luddite Blogger”

  • kaya

    When we got our new phones a few months ago, I had never even had a phone that had internet capabilities before. I was still using a flip phone, fer cripes sake. He really wanted something that was going to work across continents so we got the newest version (at the time- a newer model was just released) and I was SURE I’d never figure it out. Honestly, though, it wasn’t too bad. They make them almost idiot proof, and with some help from the handy dandy booklet I can at least navigate the basics with it. I’m sure I’m still not doing *everything* it’s capable of doing but, like you, I really don’t need it for all that nonsense. I’m sure you’ll be fine with yours. If I can figure it out, I know you can. You are far more tech savvy that I am (just ask the webslut. she’ll tell ya lol)

    • Rye

      Hey, that webslut helps me a lot. I probably would have crashed this page several times if not for her.

      It should be ok. And on the bright side, my new phone is purple, so Sir won’t try and take it. 😉

  • ancilla ksst

    I’m still waiting on my smartphone. Someday… maybe. Master just doesn’t see why I would need one. I guess I don’t…

    • Rye

      Maybe someday….it’s handy to have when I need to get directions or look up company phone numbers on the go.


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