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A Whole New World

This weekend we went to a slosh event; our first step out into the community (in person, of course, I’ve been bothering you all in the internet world for almost a year now). My mother-in-law ‘gifted’ me a date night for my birthday, so we really wanted to take advantage of it. Also, amazing gift idea that I will be asking her for for every future ‘gift’ holiday.

We found a slosh in Cleveland. I think we both wanted to start off small in our introductions to the local scene, so a mingling event with drinks and food seemed smart. Cleveland isn’t really that far of a drive for us, but it was even nice to have a few moments in the car to talk about how nervous we both were. I think we really wanted to make a good impression, but also feel welcomed. My anxiety was riding quite high and I kept reading the GPS directions to Sir three or four ahead of where we were. Sir was very patient with me.

But we got to the bar and all our worrying was for naut. We were approached and welcomed almost immediately. People offered to share their food and recommended dishes. We shared a plate of chicken paprikash, which was amazing. Sir has decided that I need to learn to cook this dish. So good food and beer (beer for Sir, diet Coke for me) was had by all.

We met a lot of nice people. There were several other people who were new to the group, so we didn’t feel too awkward. Sir even got up and sang for karaoke. For the sake of those in attendance, I did not. He’s the one with the voice, I just sing in the car where no one can hear me.

It was nice. I think both Sir and I are ready for a more ‘play party’ type event next time. While the bar atmosphere was comfortable, it was difficult to talk with the music. Also, while we had a significant portion of bar space, there were other, vanilla patrons there, so we really could share ideas or even ask people about their kinks and interests. There a news story on tv about how a gunman was taken down and hogtied on a train in Europe; that was about the extent of our ability to discuss bondage.

All in all thought, it was a lovely time. We made a lot of new friends (my Fetlife profile makes me look sociable now). It was also our latest night out in a long time. Nothing makes me feel older than saying getting home at 12:30 is a late night, but I guess that’s just my life now. Sir fell into bed and I fell on to the floor around 1am. We were both a little fuzzy yesterday, but it was worth it.

The only problem is that now we have been bitten by this social bug. There are several organizations across northeast Ohio that have events multiple times a month. Now that we have ventured out I am hopeful that we will continue to do so.

I think we may have to finally look outside of the grandparents for babysitting help.

4 Responses to “A Whole New World”

  • Ellasha

    Awesome! I’m glad you guys had a good time! So exciting!

    • Rye

      Thanks. It was fun. Hope you had fun at your play party too.

  • Ellasha

    Oh it was awesome! A lot more fun than the first one, there was sooooo much going on at this one.

    • Rye

      I am so glad. A play party sounds so fun. Even if we didn’t do a public scene. Just to learn and feed off the energy of those we watched. It seems like such a good experience.


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