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Don’t be shy

Well, I survived. I know, you weren’t really worried. I guess what I mean by ‘I survived’ is that I wasn’t a blubbery mess and I didn’t throw up. On the contrary, while I was splayed out in the shower, waiting on Sir’s shy bladder (sorry, Sir), my cunt was dripping. I was so aroused and excited. And I got to cum before bed. A very good evening.

Sir was also happy with my punishment writing. The prompt that he gave was pretty much what happened. Except, as I am sure you deduced, I didn’t respond so respectfully. Oops. Not an excuse, but sometimes, when you have a baby pulling your hair and a toddler shoving an iPad in your ribs you react poorly. I guess I just have to keep working at balancing mom duty and slave duty.

But, looking forward, Sir and I celebrate our anniversary on Sunday. Not sure the kids will let us play all day though (in fact, I can guarantee they won’t). But we are really just looking toward the future together and everything that we will experience this year. Sir brought me breakfast after he dropped the kids off at daycare. It wasn’t very slavish of me, but I don’t care. It was nice to be pampered.

Don’t worry, I won’t get used to it.

5 Responses to “Don’t be shy”

  • Nice Anon

    Well done you! Master does not have a shy bladder (SB). However, I like to be pissed on by strangers too lol, SB is actually quite common. I get the ohhhhh yes please, I will piss on you, but many cannot. Oddly enough I have a shy bladder too, I am still trying to get over the mental block I have to piss in the garden or out in the open, or even standing up! and if someone is watching, I cannot even squeeze out a dribble, however desperate! (which makes me laugh as I only need to sneeze or cough and damn . . . ) lol Xx Go Rye!

    • Rye

      Seriously! Ever since having kids all I need to do it cough. Nothing makes you feel older than having to change clothes when you sneeze. And I’m sure Sir will be glad to know that he’s not alone.

  • ancilla ksst

    Hang on sneeze, I have to cross my legs first! Yup, it is all the kid’s fault too.

    • Rye

      Exactly. And then run to the bathroom with your legs pressed together. Damn adorable offspring!

  • Dawn

    Gotta love having kids 🙂


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