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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.


Sir bought me a bag with this on it when I finished my Master's degree.
Sir bought me a bag with this on it when I finished my Master’s degree.

I’m a bit obsessed with research. I think it’s my librarian/historian nature coming through. So as we have delved into various kinky pursuits, I find that I’m enjoying looking into a variety of different things. Even things that I know we may never do. As I have learned in the past, I don’t know what Sir may get the itch to try sometime.

So Sir and I decided to try a subscription to’s Kink University. Needless to say, I have been doing a lot of watching. Working from home does have it’s benefits. But it has been great to learn about a lot of topics and activities that we have yet to try. And there are those that I will try to keep Sir from finding out about. Such as the piece on how to do a clothespin zipper. He would have a little bit too much fun with that.

But seriously, most of the videos are very interesting. Some are very basic, but even those have fun little tips and pieces of knowledge that I find entertaining. I thought the blowjob basics video would be boring. But I learned that apparently most guys cannot cum with oral sex alone. They need a hand or something to get off. Sir is one of the few. He has always been able to cum with just oral. Or maybe I’m just that good. (snicker snicker *wink*)

The cock and ball torture video was cool to watch. Not that Sir will ever let me slap or kick his dick. I guess I’m always intrigued by the science of it all. How you use certain parts of your hand and feet to do things safely. The suspension bondage video was amazing. I know that Sir would never feel comfortable putting me in the air, but listening to her talk through the prep she does and how everything feels was really interesting.

So I will probably watch all of them, just to learn something new. So far only one video has really let me down. That was the cunnilingus 101. As a person who hasn’t given a woman oral sex, just received it, I was actually very interested in the explanation of technique. But, unlike the blowjob video, there wasn’t much by way of tips. In fact, in the end, both women came by using hitachi’s, not oral stimulation. It was sort of a let down. I have amazing orgasms by oral sex, and I know that Sir would love to see me give oral to another woman. Not that I was taking notes or anything, but ‘just grab the hitachi’ wasn’t the ending I was hoping for.

I’m not trying to necessarily advertise for Though sometimes I do wish I could afford to live in San Francisco. But I do think that research can be a great thing. I’ve gotten several ideas for new things that I want to talk to Sir about trying. I’ve also found new things to add to my limits list that I didn’t even know existed. By educating myself to different aspects of kink, I can clarify to myself, Sir, and others in the community what I am willing and not willing to try. Also I feel better prepared for what Sir may ask or push me to do in a scene. As he has been interested in BDSM far longer than I have, he knows a lot more of the facets of certain activities that I know nothing about. In order to clarify to him what I can handle, research is constant requirement.

Also, I want Peter A.’s job. He’s the custodian of records at Jealousy doesn’t even begin to describe.


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