Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

The Box

I blinked a few times. Making sure I wasn’t actually blind. But I wasn’t, it was just dark. Pitch black in fact. And close, everything was very close. As I started reaching around, I found walls all around me at arms length. I couldn’t really extend my legs or reach very far above my head. I sat up with my legs crossed and tried to get my bearings. What could I remember?

I was having trouble sleeping. Sir had encouraged me to take something to help me sleep. I kept the pills by the bed in case of migraines, but I rarely took them otherwise. But after a few minutes of pushback, I swallowed two of them and half my glass of water. That was it. I must have fallen asleep a few minutes later.

And now I was here. Could he really have moved me without waking me? Those pills were stronger than I thought. For a fleeting moment I considered a more sinister reality. What if it wasn’t Sir that put me in here? But, fleeting only. My kids were safe and so was I. I needed to let go of the panic and figure out what Sir had put me in and what he wanted me to do.

As if my thoughts had called to him, I heard a door open. A light came on in the room and sounds of a person walking the space. Bright beams shone through three holes in what I could now tell was a wooden box. There were holes on two sides; one about half-way up and the other two closer to the top. Sitting as I was, the two higher holes were about eye level and slightly smaller than my fist. But I couldn’t see any hinges or latches. I could hear him walking in the room around me, but even with my eye pressed to the hole I could not see him.

Did you have a nice rest?

How did he even know I was awake? I stayed silent, unsure how to respond. I heard him walk over to the box and one of holes went dark. Then a thud as he set something on the box above me. A bottle of water was shoved through one of the upper holes. I grabbed it.

Stay hydrated, hole. 

Yes, Sir. I took several large gulps of the water.

Bring your mouth up to this opening, hole. His hand covered the same hole that the water bottle had just entered. Just as quickly he removed it and I could almost feel his foot start to tap with impatience.

I hesitated. Not for more than a second, as I knew that even inside this box he could still get me. But the idea of not knowing what he could put in my mouth made me wary. But holes don’t really have time to worry, so I pressed my open mouth up to one of the upper holes. Immediately his cock hit the back of my throat. I pulled back with the force of it, but quickly pressed my opened lips forward again. His rhythm was unyielding. He wasn’t trying to cum, but that didn’t mean that I shouldn’t try. He always said that I should never waste the opportunity to impress him; and I certainly didn’t intend to. I reached my tongue out through the hole to lick his balls. I pressed my hands up on the side of the box to give myself more leverage. His pace continued as I gagged and drooled. Without warning, he pulled back. I moaned as I heard him walk across the room.

Hardly twelve hours without my cock in your mouth and you’re already moaning. Should I start face fucking you in your sleep so you can get your fix?

I wanted to roll my eyes, but I was sure he would know. Instead I listened as he walked around the space. We had to be in our house, he wouldn’t have carried me too far. But I couldn’t figure out where we were. He wasn’t wearing shoes; he made almost no sound when he walked. I was spending so much time trying to sort my surroundings that I squeaked with surprise when something slammed onto the top of the box.

Falling asleep on me, hole? On your knees. I want your asshole up against the side. 

I snapped out of my glaze and quickly turned around in the cramped space. The lower opening was just an inch or two too low to be comfortable. I knew I had gotten the placement correct when I felt his hand rub lube all over my ass. He wasn’t gentle about it, but I kept trying to relax and get comfortable in this new position.

Be mean to your nipples. You do not have permission to cum, hole. Afterward I may let you rest. But only if you do a good job.

Rest. Rest sounded so good. Why was I so tired? What time was it? Before I could really ponder any of those questions I felt his cock against my skin. I took a deep breath and pressed my body against the wood as he pressed into me. I tried to keep my breathing calm as his force continued. He was obviously not put off by the wall between us. I couldn’t help but wonder if it hurt his balls when they slapped against the wood with each thrust. Each time an arrant thought like that entered my head it was quickly rammed out. And the pulling and pinching my nipples was making my cunt wet and needy. Soon he started to moan and I could feel my clit twitch in response. His roughness continued, but his speed slowed. We both moaned as he pulled out and shot cum up my back and into my hair.

I stayed in position as I tried to breath through the arousal and the pain. Cum ran down my shoulder blade. I tried to focus on it.

Good hole.

That was my cue that I could move. I collapsed on my side and slowly rubbed the feeling back into my legs. Oh no, I really had to pee. I could hear him moving on the other side of the room. Once the tingling had lessened I sat up and waited for him to return.

I will be back in a bit, hole. Get some rest. No playing with yourself. I may bring you some bread when I return. I have a monitor in the room, if have an emergency or need to safeword I will hear you. Otherwise I will expect silence or snoring. Is that clear?

Yes, Sir. So that’s how he knew when I woke up. And people said those expensive baby monitors weren’t worth it.

Good. He started to walk across the room.

Sir, please, before you go, I have to go to the bathroom. May I please go to the restroom?

He stopped walking. Silence. I waited. I was sure he had heard me. Asking again would be rude. More silence. When he finally spoke, I could hear the cruel smile grow across his face.

Silly hole. That is what the water bottle is for.

*          *           *          *

A big thank you to @DomSigns for the below writing prompt yesterday. I was really struggling to be inspired and he got my writing wheels turning again. I hope he likes it.

The prompt that inspired this piece:

DomSigns She was locked in a box with no idea how she got there, naked and holes in the box for strategic access 😉

8 Responses to “The Box”

  • Men at Work

    I think you have done an excellent job, both in the box and with writing the story 😉

    • Rye

      Thanks. I like the off the cuff prompts. Less time to stew over an idea. Thanks again for your help.

  • ancilla ksst


    • Rye

      Thanks. I am glad you liked it.

  • Midas

    Oww .. so .. hot ..

    • Rye

      I’m glad you think so. I find that writing from a submissive perspective can be a really turn on for some Dom’s and really annoying for others.

      • Midas

        You can not please everybody always, I write what I want/need to share …

        • Rye

          That’s a really good way to think about it.


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