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They Have an App for That

Lifestyle dominance is not always easy with jobs and kids. Luckily, in our world of technology, there are several applications to help. Just like buying your bondage rope at the hardware store, there are always ‘household’ things that you can use to make the most of your D/s in this vanilla world.

Sir and I struggled as we took our relationship from bedroom D/s to a 24/7 TPE set-up. I am pretty OCD; I have lists for everything. My day-planner is full of notes, to-do lists, and appointments. But remembering everything when I don’t have my planner in front of me can be difficult, and Sir can’t always make sense of my ramblings. We found it hard to track what tasks I had completed during the day and when he had extra chores to assign, I would often forget them as they wouldn’t make it into my planner. This would end in lots of hurty disappointment for all (mostly me).

So a few weeks ago Sir decided that me being overwhelmed and him not having a way to track my work was unacceptable. And, considering the apt timing of us getting new phones, he decided that we needed to try something new. So we got an app. As they are not paying me and I’m sure there are several out there that do similar things, we’ll call it Wunderlust. The app allows us to have several different lists going at the same time. I have lists for work and personal goals and are only visible on my phone. But we have shared lists that we both can edit and complete tasks on. There are lists for cleaning, groceries, BDSM, tasks and goals, etc.

The obvious thing that drew us both to this new system is that I can mark off a completed task and he can check my progress throughout the day, even if he is at the office. He can add tasks whenever he wants and I can see them almost immediately. He can also assign due dates to certain chores and put them on a repeat cycle. For example, I have to vacuum the stairs every Monday, the dining room every Tuesday, and so on through the week. I can see what needs done today and what things are coming up.

Personally, I have found this to be amazing in my OCD nature. Everything is organized, but flexible. I can look at the day’s tasks in one folder, even if they are from different categories. We both can add items to the grocery list and he can even add sub tasks to larger projects. We are both hoping that this will help me to get some time to work on some of my creative projects. Slave or not, I need a little me time as a break from the kids. And Sir does enjoy the crafts and baking endeavors I try. He does tend to benefit from my quilt making and pie baking.

So we’ve had this app system for about three weeks now. It’s been working quite well. I encourage those with long distance submission or repetitive chore lists to look into something similar. May as well use the technology that exists. Making slaving down right simple.

And it does look a bit more professional and more private that my day planner no longer has notes like ‘tweet cunt’ and ‘butt plug time’ in the margins.

4 Responses to “They Have an App for That”

  • nikki

    Would you be willing to share actual name of the app? Daddy and i have been looking for this exact same kind of app for a long time and havent been able to find anything.. Thanks in advance:)

    • Rye

      It’s called Wunderlist. We have android phones, but I know the app works on iPhones too. Hope it works for you. Sir used this for work before we added it to our dynamic, so it’s really the first one we tried. I don’t know how many others have the same features, but I am sure there are others. You may have to be connected by wifi to set up the shared lists, I’m not entirely sure. But I hope it does everything you want it to.

  • nikki

    Thanks so much i guess i missed that reading the post:) i love your blog by the way i try to never miss a post. Hope all is well

    • Rye

      Thank you. I find writing helps me process, so I babble a lot. But thanks for reading and let me know how the app (or which ever you choose) works for you.


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