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A Perfect Excuse to Buy More Latex

Sir always finds the most interesting things. I am usually about six months to a year behind him when it comes to good reads and even technology. I find a blog or a book and he’s already heard of it or tells me that he recommended it to me a long time ago.

So when he pulled out these comic books to look for BDSM imagery (ideas for my next tattoo), I was surprised that I had not seen them before. Apparently I had, and I was with him when he bought them months ago (I blame lack of coffee). But I started looking through them and soon had to go back and read from the beginning.


Sunstone is the story of two women as they embark on a BDSM relationship together. Ally and Lisa are bringing their pasts and their curiosity to what this new friendship can hold for them. This is their first ‘real’ experience with a D/s relationship and their first lesbian relationship as well. Issues of consent and trust are major themes to the story. In fact ‘Sunstone’ is the safeword they have. It’s just a very positive, but real, look at love and bondage.

The BeginningI’m sure that Sunstone by Stjepan Sejic is not the first BDSM relationship comic, but it is certainly the most beautiful I have ever seen. The webcomic did not start out with a storyline, it was just pieces of time. The jokes were good and the clothes were gorgeous. But I appreciate the print version as Stjepan is giving us the story of these characters’ origins. How did they get into BDSM, how did they meet? Those questions are answered in a intriguing and captivating story.

I will say, it’s all about the clothes. The characters have the best BDSM wardrobe I have ever dreamed of. I think I stopped every few pages and pointed something out to Sir that I would love to have. Someone needs to create a Sunstone line of clothes and I would buy every piece.

There is also a nice sense of realism to the story. These women have pasts. Issues of safety and what can go wrong are present. And the reality that this is the first time either has ever gotten to really delve into their dominant and submissive personalities. Ally has played before and Lisa practiced self-bondage, but the emotional aspects of their D/s are happening for the first time. The reader gets to see how they process things like jealousy and fear. As someone who is also relatively new to BDSM and my submissive personality, I can relate to a lot of these emotions. I think that is what makes it funny. Nodding along to their reactions and thought bubbles as something that I have also experienced. And, sex is often funny and this comic pulls the best parts of that.


Plus, it’s just plain hot. If you were jaded by Fifty Shades and what writing the start of a BDSM relationship should look like, let this series renew your faith.

The series is published by Top Cow Productions and started as a webcomic. After it’s success and a lot of push from fans, Sejic and Top Cow have started to put it into print. So far they have released three volumes (the most recent on August 26th), and can be purchased as book retailers and online. There will be five volumes in total with the next being released at the end of the year. It will certainly be at the top of my Christmas list.

I just wish I could pull off Lisa’s hair.

*All art is from Stjepan Sejic’s galleries on Deviant Art. His permission was obtained to use it here.*

3 Responses to “A Perfect Excuse to Buy More Latex”

  • ancilla ksst

    It sounds interesting! I’m checking it out.

  • Simina

    I’ve seen random pages of this on twitter through retweets from @collar6, who also writes a fetish comic based on lesbian latex fetishists at I have a hard time finding BDSM fiction that interests me. I’ve tried to find more webcomics, but it seems like all of them are femdom and many also involve latex. They’re still good, but some day I want to see one with a male dom/female sub dynamic, just ’cause that’s what I’m into.

    • Rye

      There are male Dom/female submissive relationships in the story, but they aren’t the main characters. I would certainly read that comic as well.


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