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In Reponse

I got several wonderful comments on my post this morning, but I didn’t want to individually respond with the same thing over and over. Also, I think a little clarification will help along the way.

I personally think that Sir was trying to make nearly impossible traits in a person so that he would never find them. I think that it was his extreme fantasy. And I think that he was really on edge for responses when he posted it. I know he’s not happy about it. He didn’t want to come across that way and he really isn’t like that. I think it was more the fear that he was wrong. That he was alone in this dark fantasy of just a person to play with and not to know. And the reality that that might be true cut him pretty deep.

I think we both had ways of trying to be comfortable playing with others. I think that he was trying to force it. I always looked at playing with someone else as off in the distance. After I got over my insecurities, and I was more experienced. But I am always scared of having that weird experience with another person and start to wonder if the grass is greener and all that. Something I guess I was worried about him doing too, hence the no sex request.

Honestly, I agree with the sentiments that he reacted poorly. The woman who responded was just trying to help him and be honest that his expectations were unreasonable. But I think he read it that she was judging his kink. That she was telling him that he was wrong. And maybe he was, but it was just a stressful place. My mother always said if you get a mean email or a bad comment (or you perceive it as bad) you should try and wait twelve hours or so before you respond so you don’t say something you regret. He doesn’t listen to my mother often enough, obviously.

I will say that I believe with every fiber of my being that he is a good man. And writing up a fantasy on Fet and getting a slap of reality doesn’t make him a bad person. He’s feels bad about lashing out, but I think that it happens. Not that it is a justification, but we are dealing with a lot of stress right now. He is getting ready to start setting up his firm. We just started this crazy process of buying a house. I think having two kids and working full time was completely different that what he thought it would be. It’s been a struggle. And I’m not exactly the easiest submissive to deal with either. He is trying so hard to mesh our kinks and get somewhere close to enough sleep.

I know I rag on him on here from time to time. But while I need to rant to give myself a break from my mom and slave duties, don’t think that I in any way doubt him. He is my everything. Collar or no, his pet, slave, or just his wife. His could be the only penis I suck for the rest of my life and I would be over the moon about that.

I just hope that through this minor set back in his dominant reputation on a social media website he remembers what is really important to him. And I hope that people remember that people make mistakes and it shouldn’t define them.

2 Responses to “In Reponse”

  • ancilla ksst

    There’s nothing wrong with fantasies, honest! Because I have some pretty far out ones! But, still, when you get out into real life it doesn’t always work like in fantasy.
    There is always that element of other people, what they want, how are they going to respond to this desire? How other people need to act to keep themselves safe always has to be considered. Sometimes it is a matter of “How close can I come to my perfect fantasy while still making sure the other person has their needs met too?”

    • Rye

      I completely agree. And I think he was trying to take the fantasy direct from page to reality. It doesn’t quite work. I don’t think he meant to make it seem like masochists weren’t people. He was just pulling from a dark fantasy of walking in, playing with someone, and leaving.


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