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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

New Job Title

I mentioned yesterday that Sir asked me to come to the office. His co-workers were out, so we could be a little nosy. And, being a nice guy, he let me finish my breakfast before he shoved me under the desk.


The summer didn’t do me any good, I am still so white. If you can believe it, during the winter I get whiter. I’m practically translucent by March. As a small aside, I love how great my boobs look in this dress. My normal t-shirt and workout pants wardrobe do not do them justice. As you can see, Sir let me savor my sandwich while he leered (leered in the best possible way) at me. Then I got to work.

His desk is short. Sucking cock when your head is smashed is difficult. But we kept ourselves entertained. I couldn’t stay too long. The end of the week usually brings with it a long list of things to do. But, with the office to ourselves, we weren’t going to rush either. He so rarely gets to have his little administrative slut come for a visit.


To clarify for those who spotted it in the photo: When you go to Starbucks and they are busy, they always ask you your name to put on the cup. I never use my real name. It’s not really an anonymity thing. It’s mostly because they can never spell it, much less pronounce it correctly. So my mom and I (she also has a unique name, thanks mom) have gone back and forth with made up names. She has been WonderWoman a few times, or Batman. So yesterday I was Mary. No religious reference intended. I assure you.

Off to the farmer’s market this morning. They are calling for rain, so planning to make salsa this afternoon. Hopefully some play as well and an eventual shower. Right now coffee and porn while the kids eat dry cereal and watch Paw Patrol. Don’t judge me.


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