Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Complete Humans

I always thought the line, ‘you complete me’ was terribly romantic. I studied classics in college and there was a concept from The Symposium by Plato that said that we were originally beings with two faces back to back, four arms and four legs. That we were split apart by Zeus because he feared humans were too powerful. So he doomed us to spend our lives searching for our other half. And the genders were not all male/female (something I always appreciated as it explained homosexuality on a level playing field with heterosexuals). I know that that theory doesn’t mesh with any religion or evolutionary idea, but I always thought it was nice.

But sweet sentiment or not, it basically promotes the idea that we can’t be happy without a relationship, specifically with one person. That you will walk around as an incomplete human being unless you find that perfect person. And while I am in a loving, happy relationship, I hate to think that I couldn’t survive without him. We depend on each other as friends, lovers, and parents, but it is not like he is my artificial lung. Obviously I do not want anything to happen to him, but he needs to know that I can continue on without him, if necessary.  The kids need us. And I can’t fall apart if he needs to be gone for a business trip or even if he gets sick. If anything can show him my submission more fully, it’s that I’m strong enough to take care of myself. He’s got enough going on that he can’t always worry about me all the time.

The lover of Greek mythology in me will continue to romanticize the idea of a perfect mate. It’s like the Shakespearean ideal of not being able to live without your love. Of course, that is usually because you have accidentally killed your lover thinking it was someone else. But isn’t that always the way?


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