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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Daily Task

With the boys in daycare full-time, Sir expects me to be productive with my time. He has been really supportive of me taking a bit of me time; I’ve gotten to sew more in the last two weeks than the rest of the year so far. And my workouts are becoming a regular occurrence. But my personal time was not the reason for the added expense of full-time care. Sir expects me to keep the house up, get my paid work done, and keep the renovation work moving once we close on the house. And, since we could close as early as Friday (yes, tomorrow!), I have a lot of prep to do.

To help keep things moving on the house I have created a long to do list. But I tend to break things down into pieces, which can make it quite overwhelming at a glance. So, to help with that, I have tried to look at one or two smaller tasks each day. This method has really helped the last few weeks. I get my paid work done in the morning and then after lunch I can dive into various other projects. They can range from fence research to scrubbing the oven. Last week was cleaning the house to get it back to his standard. This week I have been able to just refresh everything. I have decided that once we get the keys to the new house, we can start moving items slowly as we renovate. The basement is dry, so we can use it for storage until we finish the floors upstairs.

DSCN1510To help pace ourselves, I am starting to sort clothes. The boys summer clothes can be packed up since we won’t need them until next year. And the baby’s outfits that are too small can be donated. Anything that we don’t have to move will be helpful. With that in mind, yesterday I sorted through my own clothes.DSCN1511

As motivation I loaded up a blu-ray, got naked, and tried to be positive about trying on clothes that may not fit anymore. I was excited that so much actually fit and the clothes that were too tight weren’t terrible loses anyway. And I found several things that I really like hidden in the bottom of my dresser drawers. So it was overall a positive experience. I started tweeting photos of various shirts that were too small and that fit just right. I also had to tweet a picture of me in a lace nightie that I left on all afternoon for Sir. It’s about making boring tasks fun, right?

I did have some entertainment with a few pieces that had to go. DSCN1514Mostly a pair of jeans that had reached their end. These pants fit ok, but the hole was getting a bit big. My thunder thighs have obviously done a number on them. I considered finding some fun fabric in my stash and patching it, but I’m not sure they are worth the effort. I also considered keeping them so Sir could have some fun ripping them apart, but jean is actually quite difficult to just rip, even if you have a hole started. And let’s just say that I don’t really know if I want to encourage him to go after my thighs with scissors.

Version 2But all in all it was a fun afternoon. I ended up with a decent sized pile for donation and all my clothes organized and all fit in my dresser. We only have a small hanging closet in our room and most of it is filled with Sir’s suits. So I did pair down a few dresses that I haven’t worn in ages so that all my dresses now fit in the small space I do have. I don’t know what I will do with my own closet in the new house, but I’m sure I’ll manage. And Sir was so impressed at how much I was able to get rid of that I may try and see if he’ll let me buy some new pieces. I’m good on pants, but most of my sweaters had to go, so it would be nice if I could pick up a few more before winter. At the same time, it doesn’t make sense to buy a lot before we move, and it’s not like I have to look really nice at home all day alone. Really, I could walk around naked all day and throw on a trench coat to pick up the kids. Now I’ve just given Sir a terrible/amazing idea and all my clothes will donated over the weekend. Maybe I’ll talk him into keeping a sexy dress or two.


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