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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Lovely in Lace

I was walking around Target, looking for a birthday gift for my brother. I must have walked past this end cap of socks around seven times. They were just so cute. An adorable selection of knee-highs and thigh-highs with lace or ribbon tops. I finally stopped and looked all the shades of cream and grey; imagining how comfortable they would be with my uniform. It has gotten cold here lately as fall as hit Ohio with a vengeance.

I finally got the courage to text Sir and ask permission to buy myself a gift.

Sir: What did you want to buy?

I found some cute socks. :Rye

Sir: for whom?

For me :Rye

Sir: You can buy cute socks for you but you also have to buy something sexy. Total no more than $40.

Yes Sir. Thank you Sir. :Rye

Sir: Good girl.

I picked up a grey knee-high pair and a cream thigh-high pair. I figured they could be considered sexy in the right circumstance, but he probably meant something a little more literal. So I found this cute black lace nightie and matching g-string. It’s simple, but sexy. And if he rips it off, I won’t feel too terrible. I put it on when I got home. A shirt and shorts had to cover it while the kids were awake, but that didn’t keep Sir from ‘inspecting’ it as soon as he got in the door. An impromptu make out session in the kitchen makes me think he liked it.

The kids were a bit of a struggle getting to bed. Maybe they were just fine and the fact that we were both really horny made it seem worse than it was. Sir let me sleep in bed with him. We were talking about cunnilingus as it is the Kink of the Week topic, so research was needed. The lace made everything feel rougher and softer on my nipples. I absolutely love when he plays with my nipples during oral. It always makes me orgasm twice as hard. And usually twice as fast.

After Sir was serviced as well we curled up together. Heading to my parents this weekend means little alone time, but the kids and the dog have a wonderful time. And I can ignore the state of the house for a day or two, which is nice.

And, just in case I don’t get a chance to post tomorrow. Here’s a gratuitous boob shot. Doesn’t the lace make them look awesome?



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