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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Politely Pink

Excuse Me. Did you just say ‘No’ to me?

I gulped. Crap. What were we talking about? What did I say? I instinctively pulled against my rope harness. Pointless, but still something I found myself doing when I got nervous. I ran through our conversation quickly until I reached his last statement that I was going to be burning tonight. I had instantly said no.

Yes, Sir.

Does it say anything about wax or fire play in your hard limits?

No, Sir.

Did I ask your opinion regarding tonight’s activities?

No, Sir.

Then unless you have a very good explanation for your rudeness…?

He waited. I had walked into that trap before. I stayed silent.

I didn’t think so. Come kneel by the spanking bench.

He walked to the hutch and collected several items on a tray. Then he came back and straddled the bench next to me, setting the tray on the floor. I wanted to look. Another mistake I had walked into in the past. I kept my gaze lowered.

He began wiping my body down with a damp cloth. He spent a lot of time focusing on my breasts and the tops of my thighs. When he was finished he pulled my chin up to meet his stare.

You will not move.

Yes, Sir.

He let go of my chin, but didn’t direct it back down. I stared at the chaise lounge across the room, trying not to be tempted by his actions a few feet away.

He turned back toward me a moment later and at that same instant I felt a sharp burning on my left breast. I inhaled sharply and clenched my fists to keep from moving. The rope harness held my back straight, but it was all I could do to keep from falling over. Before I had a chance to steady my breathing another sting hit my right breast. He had a thing about balance.

See, this is fun.

He leaned in and pulled on my collar.

And you love it.

He pulled me in for a quick kiss, pushed me back upright and angled the candle so a line of wax ran across my chest. Rather than pulling it up, he let it continue to drip on my nipple. Love it or not, it still hurt. I was just glad I was kneeling, as that meant my pussy was probably safe. Several more drips and I was breathing heavily. My forehead was sweaty as all my muscles were tightened to keep me kneeling and prepared for the next drip.

The body safe candles were red, but when they melted and hardened against my skin it looked pink. He knew I hated pink, another part of my punishment, I was sure. And my pale white skin was quickly matching it. I was trying to focus on the chair, but I swear he used about ten candles on me. My breasts and thighs were completely covered. My breathing had almost returned to normal as he finished the last candle. I had gotten accustomed to the burn as the wax hit fresh skin.

I have no idea how much time had passed, but he eventually set down the lighter and put the tray back on the shelf. I think I let out an audible sigh. He pulled something else from a drawer and walked back to me.

Now wasn’t that fun?

I kept silent. Rolling my eyes  or a sarcastic comment would just get me in a lot more trouble.

Let’s address your rudeness from earlier. Get into position, but don’t mess up all the pretty artwork I just did.

I hesitated for several moments just to figure out how to move without cracking the wax. But I slowly shimmed to spread and raise my knees and bend over. The wax held my chest in a tightened shape as my forehead hit the floor. I could see all of his handy work for the first time at this new angle. I really hate pink.

Now, you were quite rude and you know that that is unacceptable. You will take your punishment and thank me for my correction.

Yes, Sir.

The ‘Sir’ had hardly left my lips when the belt came down on my ass. I gave a short moan, but didn’t cry out. Balance again continued as he struck one side and then the other. I quickly zoned out into the rhythm of his strikes. I used to count them out loud and then in my head. Now I just felt each one and reflected on my mistake. Letting each mark show his forgiveness of my error and how much he loves me.

There, now your ass matches your tits and thighs. You know how much I enjoy the symmetry of it all.

Yes, Sir. Thank you for my punishment, Sir.

See, there’s my politely pink slave. Now let’s see if we can make that pretty little clit of yours as pink as the rest of you.


Oh, shit.


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7 Responses to “Politely Pink”

  • DtBHC

    Loved the punch line, lol

    • Rye

      Thanks. Glad you liked it.

  • Dawn

    I agree with DtBHC, great punchline 🙂 Great story!

    • Rye

      Thanks. I thought that I wasn’t going to be inspired by a lipstick color. But it was actually a lot of fun. A nice break from listening to me whine about my house anxieties. Thanks for reading!

  • kaya


  • ancilla ksst

    In my mind it all looked very pretty! I love wax a lot, but yours seems extra burning hot.

    • Rye

      Thanks. I love how wax looks. It’s so time sensitive though and we never have the guaranteed time to set up and play.


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