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Unload the clown car

My father’s family has a small farm in western Ohio. The land (nearly 200 acres) has been in the family since they came over from Germany about two hundred years ago. The farm will probably not last beyond my father’s generation. None of kids in my generation want it. Struggling as a small farmer isn’t a dream for any of us. So the few times when we can get together to enjoy the land before it is inevitably sold is a treasure.

Since my father was a small child the family has gathered at the main house for a family reunion. It’s usually done every three years, but the last time we did it was 2010. So the last time we were all together Sir was in law school and we were still trying to get pregnant with baby #1. Actually, the last time we did this was around when I originally started this blog in it’s non-kinky version.

As fun as it is to see all of my father’s siblings and all the cousins, it’s a crazy time. My mom started running around about a week ago and this week it has only gotten worse. She has called me everyday, usually from a grocery store, talking to me about feeding people and where everyone will sleep. As they live in the big farmhouse, they will have a lot of extra people in over the weekend. Our family is in one room, my aunt and uncle in another, another aunt in a third. The first world problems of having five bedrooms.

But it has been a lot of prep. I did some baking earlier in the week and today is outside organization. We start early in the morning with the fires outside and getting food going inside. It’s like a bigger version of Thanksgiving on steroids. It’s a long wonderful day of playing outside, eating more food any person should ever eat, and seeing extendeds that live across the country.


I’m already fretting about being without Sir’s physical control for these few days. The baby has been sick and my insomnia has meant late nights and early mornings. Our play has been drastically dampened, which is rough as we will have to be good sharing a room with the boys for three nights. I may be exhausted, but that doesn’t diminish the horny (trust me, I’ve tested the theory). I just know that all this family is going to add another layer of stress. They all have their opinions about raising kids and I know as soon as word gets out that we’re buying a house we’ll get inundated with ‘helpful hints’ and unsolicited advice. I am hoping Sir can run interference.

Seeing all this family will be a wonderful time. Most of them I haven’t seen since my grandfather passed away two years ago. It’s just trying to remember that when I want to curse at all of them and knowing that Sir won’t be able to fuck it out until we get home.


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