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Maybe I just need more cups

Returning to the world of the living this morning. At least, I will after another several sips of coffee. Of course, my brain had to turn on to find a coffee mug. There is a small pile of dishes that need sorted, most of which are my coffee cups. So the most obvious choice in my caffeine deprived daze was Sir’s mug. But I couldn’t. No matter how tired I am, I could pull that cup off the shelf. So I dug through the back until I found a mug I forgot I had. And I will wash every mug tonight so that I don’t have to have this dilemma again this early in the morning.

So…., hope everyone has had a good holiday season. Our partying is pretty much over. New years’ this week will either be spent at the new house working or at home. Either way I will be shocked if I make it to midnight. Maybe, in honor of long gone twenties, I will have a few drinks after the kids go to bed and pass out by 10. You know, it’s good to have goals.

Kink is becoming more present around the house again. A nice Christmas gift for both of us. There is still a lot of stress in a constant changing ball from work to kids, to money. Oh yeah, and a kitchen/bathroom renovation that is already over budget and we haven’t even started yet. Sir and walked around Lowe’s on Saturday for several hours making color and design choices. The sad part is that it wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg as far as decisions go. The next few months will be fun. Hopefully kink and elements of D/s can help to keep us centered.

Since our ‘break’ around Thanksgiving, Sir and I have been looking at what was really holding us back with D/s. I think it was starting to become more of a job than an enjoyable lifestyle. We need to get back to that relaxing release. Just being able to use BDSM to make our relationship stronger, rather than more strained.

I think that will be my resolution for 2016. Trying to make BDSM a larger, and more positive aspect of our lives. Hopefully a realistic goal.

One Response to “Maybe I just need more cups”

  • DtBHC

    Welcome back, hope you had a good festive week.

    I understand the coffee cup, mine is not to sit on the bed to tie my shoes. Just would never go there.


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