Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

The month of reflection

December 1st. My christmas decorations are up at the rental. Tomorrow I will take the decorations to the new house so we can be festive there too. We are meeting with the contractor tomorrow to look at her design for the kitchen and laundry room remodel. Should be an interesting meeting, full of scary numbers and realities. Sir and my mom will be there too. As stressful as it will be to think about the cost, it will mean a nice lunch out and I get to start painting  walls.

Christmas shopping is almost done. A few stocking stuffers left for the boys, but everything else is sorted. This time of year is one of those periods where I look back and reflect on how good things are. Two years ago I wasn’t sure we would have the money to give our son a good Christmas. This year we have a new home and Sir and I are closer than we were when we got married. That’s massive. As stressed as I am about a job and what the next year will bring, this year has been pretty fantastic.

Looking forward to this month of family. Giving the boys their own rooms and putting my hands to work making our house a home.

And now I’m going to start sorting through all my holiday recipes for the great cookie exchange next week. Can’t wait to read everyone’s yummy food ideas.


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