Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.


You are the perfect combination of hard and soft. Like velvet over steel. I just want to rub and caress you as you pulse and throb. That sensual moment of just touching you. Massaging and kissing your body makes me hum with horny excitement.

You take me from behind slow and hard. The pace may be slow, but the force keeps my muscles tense. Your slaps on my ass keep the rthyum as well as my cheeks red and warm. You grab my collar, not for breath play, but to put enough pressure on my neck to remind me of how owned I am. I reach one hand behind to hold your thigh. The muscle tension as you thrust is amazing and I just want to hold on for the ride. Luckily you enjoy my moans, because I cannot help but to vocalize the perfect mixture of pain and pleasure.

Your final thrusts make me more excited than my own orgasm. I am excited to taste you; to taste us. You pull out so quickly I can feel my pussy pulsing around where your cock had been. I immediately turn to clean you off. You taste so good. Your cum is salty and slick. But I cover you as well, adding a different tangy flavor. I love it. That soft skin covered with our sex. Every time you tell me you’re hard, I think of how we will taste as I clean you off. It’s as much of a turn on as thinking of your delicious cock before it’s covered in us. And as soon as you are clean I just want to climb on top of you and flavor you all over again.



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