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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Long Day

You know when you get home from work and you’re exhausted. You’ve had a meeting or some such thing, some long day of stupid questions or endless projects. Work has taken all of your effort; when you finally get a chance to sit down that’s all you want to do. Your kids demand all of your attention and love. Talking about their day at school and needing help defeating the next Angry Birds level. You humor them as it means you don’t have to get up. And after they are tucked in for the night you crash against your pillow as if it had some magnetic pull.

We all have those days, but here’s the thing. The office has gotten all of your effort, the kids have taken your attention and love. What does your spouse/significant other get? A nod when they help you take your coat off. Maybe a ‘this is good’ when they serve you some dinner. They get all the worst parts of you because everyone else has already gotten there first. And they understand. You aren’t helping with dishes because the boss decided to talk at you about his three week Sandals vacation instead of letting you eat your lunch in peace. And you can’t ask them about how their day was because the youngest child wants to cuddle and watch Bubble Guppies. You are being pulled in every direction and if anyone can take a backseat, it’s them.

However, as much as it’s understood by them, do you understand? Do you get how you don’t save any energy, interest, or focus for the one person who doesn’t demand it? And while everyone has a long day every now and then, the aftereffects of it can be lasting. So try to remember that when you have a long day, maybe an extra hug or thoughtful gesture would be appreciated when you get a chance. For all those times when they try to help make your day better, by asking for nothing at all.


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