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New Me

A new year, a new start. And a new me.

20160106_182114They cut almost 13″ off. It feels really weird to touch hair that isn’t attached to you anymore. But my neck feels so light. And my shampoo bottle will last three times as long. I’ve donated three times now and I’m sure I will attempt to grow it out again eventually. And hey, it means a free hair cut.20160106_171938

The husband got a few good hair pulls before I cut it. Part of our fun the other night included some glorious fucking from behind and him using my pony tail for leverage. He likes it short too though. Which is good, as it will take quite awhile before a pony tail will be possible again.

The kids were pretty surprised when I picked them up from daycare as well. The toddler actually said it looked nice. The baby has never seen me with short hair. I’ve been growing it out since my first son was young. He is also a fan of hair pulling, so now he’ll just have my collar to hold on to.

It’s been short like this before though, my family tells me 20160106_171951that I have a well-shaped head for shorter hair. I’ll just have to trust them, as it will be short like this for awhile. But I love the maintenance of it. I just shower and shake it off with the towel and it’s done. I don’t have to spend an hour drying it before I go out in the cold. And I don’t have to haul around fifteen hair ties and a clip wherever I go to keep it out of my face. A quick brush and I am good to go. And considering how long I’m left alone to get ready in the morning, the quicker, the better.

The only real bummer is that with it short like this it is really hard to hide the greys. They are really obvious now, especially at the front. Depending on where I part it I have a pretty big streak down the side. The hairdresser told me that they pick out the grey hairs before they make the wigs for the kids (feel bad for whoever has that job). And I cannot hide my neck tattoo anymore. I don’t really care, but I’m sure it will be the first thing my mother says when she see’s it. But I can still pull off a professional look, even with my tattoo. And if a company won’t hire me because I have a visible tattoo, then maybe I don’t want to work for them anyway.

So yeah, new me and a new look. Can’t pull off the braid anymore, so I probably won’t be getting calls for BDSM porn. But I can still kneel and suck cock, so the husband won’t complain.

One Response to “New Me”

  • Ellasha

    Love the new hair cut!!! I have my hair short too and I LOOOVE it, pretty much maintenance-free!


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