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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Soft Lips

They are both there to pick me up from the airport. We have been chatting for months, and they know my real name. But I enter the luggage claim I immediately see them holding a sign that just says, ‘Rye’. All the nervousness I felt on the plane just melted away. I want to run into his arms, but I contain my excitement as I wheel my suitcase over. Jack and Jill’s smiles match my own as I get close.

As soon as ‘hi’s and hugs are exchanged we all begin to feel the radiating sexual energy between us. There is a lot you can’t feel until you stand next to a person, and we were feeling it all at once. The three of us actually just stand in silence for a few moments as we acclimate to the rush. I think each of us were undressing the other and wondering if anyone in the baggage claim would notice if we jumped one another right there. Jill was the first to break as she rubbed her hand down Jack’s chest.

“As much as we are both eager to get you home, you must be starving. There is a great cafe near the house.” She grabs my arm and he takes my suitcase.

“Thanks, that sounds wonderful. I had a soda on the plane, but honestly, I was too nervous to eat.”

“We are just glad you could come visit for a few days. And even though Jack is planning a nice dinner, I have a feeling we will be distracting him for awhile before he starts cooking, so we can’t have you hungry.” She grinned at me as she gave me a quick peck on the cheek. After my nerves of the morning, I was surprised how calm the kiss made me. So calm that I stopped and grabbed her hand. The other caught her neck as I pulled her in for a long, deep kiss. Her lips are as soft as I imagined them. I want to sink into them and let them keep me warm for the entirety of my three day stay.

I let out a little moan as she pulls back and squeezes my hand. Her eyes practically twinkle as she gives me an adorable smirk.

Jack wraps his arms around both our waists. “Let’s get you some food and get you home. If you keep that up we won’t even make it to the car.”

Lunch is amazing. I have no clue what I ordered, but it’s yummy. We talk about kids and jobs. Living on near opposite sides of the country and how cold it is back home. We talk about Sir and how amazing he is for letting me do this. It’s a big step for us and having his blessing is essential. I know they respect that. We inhale our food as we talk. Trying not to rush too obviously, but I think the waitress is worried we will dine and dash. As she processes the checks we just stare at one another. Letting that sexual energy build again like it had in the airport. My body tingles the short drive to the house. And I feel like a school girl running up to your front door. Jill walks sultrily behind me, such grace in her obvious sexuality. Jack has my suitcase and laughs at the two of us. Completely different in many ways and exactly the same in others.

After the rush to get in the door, things calm as we grab a drink. I need to change out of my traveling clothes as they smell of airport. Jack shows me to their bedroom and their master bath. He sets my suitcase next to the bed; no question about where I’ll be sleeping then. I try to refresh my face with a splash of cool water, and I use the opportunity to change into something a lot sexier and slightly less comfortable. I reach into my suitcase to pull out a beautiful purple bra and thong set I bought especially for the trip. Next to the set is a message from Sir. He’s proud of me for being honest about my needs. He wants me to have great time and he loves me.

It is exactly what I needed to hear from him. I put on my sexy underthings with renewed confidence. Determined to enjoy this trip and whatever comes of it.

I walk into the kitchen in my new ‘outfit’. Jack and Jill are kissing up against the sink, apparently a break from getting the wine glasses out of the cupboard. I walk up behind them and kiss the back of Jill’s neck. Her surprise at this new set of lips is minimal. She reaches behind to rub my stomach and pull me into her. When she realizes that I don’t have a shirt on she stops to turn around and look at me. Both she and Jack smile when they see my change of clothes.

“That bra makes your tits look amazing”.

“I bought it just for you”.

“Love that color on you. Too bad it won’t stay on much longer”.

And then we are a mass. Just pure sexual energy. We quickly move to the den and a leather sectional. I am not the only one with gorgeous underwear as I remove Jill’s shirt to find a turquoise bra. I want to remove it to release her luscious breasts, but I also want to steal it as I want my boobs to look that good too. Our eyes connect as we help each other remove clothes and we continue to touch one another as we turn to Jack. His smile grows as we move toward him together. She begins to unbutton his pants and I kiss my way up his neck. He pulls me up to his face and holds my hair as I melt into him. His moans let me know that Jill has relieved him of his clothes. I kiss slowly down his chest to join her. Our tongues connect randomly as we both lick and suck his enormous cock. His hands rub our backs as he watches us. Soon, his legs stiffen and he has to move or have the first orgasm of the day. He chooses the former and moves behind Jill. She pulls me in front of her. We keep kissing as he slams into her. Our teeth click and we moan together. She kisses down my chest, stopping to suck on my nipples and move my legs so that I straddle her. I watch Jack’s face as fucks her and grabs her hair. Soon Jill makes her way down to my throbbing clit. Her tongue is soft and the ramming force from Jack’s thrusts quickly bring me to orgasm. She continues to softly lick and kiss my clit as she and Jack cum together. Their simultaneous moans make me smile.

As the only one who can walk, Jack quickly returns from the kitchen with the abandoned wine glasses. The couch becomes a puddle of cuddles and clinking glasses. We continue kissing and holding each other. I feel so comfortable with them; I had worried about being awkward or self-conscious. They are so loving and comfortable though, it all melts away. The afternoon continues with more cuddles and enough orgasms to satiate even me. After a lovely shower together Jack starts dinner while Jill and I curl up on the couch.

“What do you want to watch?”

“I’m not picky, and my plan is to make out with you, so I’m not sure my opinion should matter. I’m yours for the next few days.”

“And we do intend to take full advantage of that. How about some Doctor Who? You haven’t seen the most recent episode have you? If you have, don’t tell me what happens.”

“Ummm, I have a confession to make. I’ve never actually seen an episode of Doctor Who.”

“Wait, what? Ever? The most recent doctor, or any of them?”

“Any of them. Please don’t send me home.”

“JACK!” Jack ran in. He’s naked except for an apron around his waist and even that doesn’t hide his already recovering erection. “Hon, we have an emergency. She has never seen Doctor Who. We have three days to educate this tragically deprived woman.”

“Sex and Doctor Who marathon, got it.” He turns to walk back into the kitchen, showing off his bare ass as he goes.

Jill walks over and give me a slow deep kiss like I gave her at the airport. “We will take care of you, my lover. You will leave on Sunday a new woman in more ways than one.”

8 Responses to “Soft Lips”

  • ancilla ksst

    Mmm, that sounds delightful!

  • Jack (and Jill)

    We can’t put into words how flattering it is that you wrote about us. Reading your story together made amazing foreplay. And needless to say we’d love to someday make this a reality.

    • Rye

      I’m glad you liked it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Cammies on the Floor

    I’ve met this amazing couple, so it really came to life to me – add to your great description of all the sexual tension between the three of you, and it made for a hot story.

  • Molly

    Oh my all the wow, I do hope one day you get to make that flight


    • Rye

      Me too. Talk about a relaxing vacation 🙂

  • Beauty's Punishment

    Loved it. 😉

    • Rye

      Thanks. I am glad people have had a good response.


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