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Prey, or the dream of the hunt

For my Wicked Wednesday post yesterday, I wrote a short story about a sub running away from her Dom. It’s not anything that I’ve tried just yet, but I did base it on the layout of our new house. But even as I was writing it I loved the idea. Sir has overpowered me pretty quickly the few times I’ve tried to fight him. I haven’t done any sort of running away though. And in our current home the hunt wouldn’t last long, but the new house offers a few more hiding space opportunities.

I’ve read a few others’ experiences being prey and it seems like a fun time. The adrenaline rush from running around the dark wearing nothing but my collar sounds like a perfect evening. I’m not sure it will take him long to catch me. Maybe after my foot/ankle is fixed I would be able to hide longer. The fear of being caught out in the dark by him is such a turn on.

I think in general it’s the idea of being overpowered. The chase, the hunt, is appealing, but it’s when he catches me that is the real turn on. Fighting him as he pushes me to the ground. Struggling against him, trying to push him away. A fun game of consensual non-consent.

I would have to make sure not to scratch him. As much as that may be accurate, it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience for Sir. It seems an odd idea to trim my nails and shave before a fearful sprint through the woods, but some things are just necessary.

I do usually struggle with how much to ‘fight’ back. There have been times that I think it would be fun to tickle him. He’s not a fan. I usually get my arms held behind my back and spanked viciously for my attempts. So I have to watch my limits very carefully. Running through the woods might give me the mindset to fight back more than he would wish. Not sure it would be fun for him if it were too real.

Still sounds like a lot of fun though.

2 Responses to “Prey, or the dream of the hunt”

  • Dawn

    Not sure about the running away bit but I do like to fight back and be overpowered 😀

  • ancilla ksst

    We do that sometimes. I never get very far in the running and hiding. Lots of fun!


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