Chasing Me Chasing You

An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Big Ideas

I grew up on a farm. Morning chores were a constant. A strong work ethic was instilled in us (my brother and I) at a young age. Ingrained self-sufficiency meant I could birth a sheep, sheer it, quilt the wool into a blanket, and also butcher and cook the sheep. Getting an education and having a career was expected of me and I was afforded every opportunity to do so. My goals were always administrative in nature; working in some creative field. But the economy crashing wasn’t in my parents’ plans, nor mine. And moving back to Ohio for Sir’s job in 2014 put my career goals on hold.

Not that that is anything that he needs to feel guilty about. It was the right choice for our family and put us on a path to buy our house. So, although a twisted path, it all worked out. And my time here has been good. Working from home has been a wonderful experience as I have learned my own work habits. It has shown me how much I want to work for myself and do something I truly enjoy.

So I am working on a few business plans. Sir is looking to start his business this year, so it may not come together for awhile. But I think that working on my own schedule and projects that I genuinely enjoy would be much more fulfilling for me. If I am going to help Sir organize his practice. I can support him with administrative help and possibly start my own career path. Working for myself would allow me to assist Sir in whatever organizational help he needs in my down time.

Just the idea of being able to create my own employment destiny is rejuvenating. For the last several years I have always wanted my jobs to be more. I wanted to feel appreciated for everything I had to offer. My life experience and education, in my eyes, provided me with an amazing number of skills. In most cases I will admit my delusion, I’m sure I couldn’t excel at most jobs merely based on my degrees. Shear self-confidence doesn’t equate to stellar job performance, but my determination and work ethic certainly help.

We’ll see how my business plan comes together. I am confident and excited at the prospect. It will just depend on what kind of resources we have moving forward. Remodeling the kitchen, moving, and starting Sir’s firm have to come first. But I am good at multi-tasking and will keep working on ideas. Even with the lovely @DomSigns‘s help, I’m sure the website alone will take me awhile to put together.


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