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Get Motivated Rye

Ok Rye. Time to get motivated. You have a shitload of work this week and if you don’t get it all done you will be disappointed and mopey. Yes, there is some sick residue and this cough is a bitch, but there is no time to focus on it. There is too much to get done.

-Head to the new house today and paint closets. The floors can’t be sanded and stained until we get all the painting done. And we can’t move in anything upstairs until the floors are done.

-Dishes/Laundry/General housework crap. There is actually a lot of this. Being sick at the end of last week meant that things sort of piled up. And then we were gone this weekend. A few loads of clothes got pushed through yesterday, but when I get home today I really need to spend some time cleaning.

-About 30 hours of paid work (you know, that actual job you’ve been ignoring)

-Monthly meeting at the head office on Friday. All of Friday will be meetings, a tattoo appointment, and driving. Nothing else will get done.

-Pack up the house. Hoping to be moved in to the new house is all well and good, but even if the floors are done by then, we still need to pack up this house. One box a week isn’t going to cut it this month.

-Exercise. Being sick last week may have justified the lame one workout I did. But #fwocrew is not going to stand for it this week. Get off your ass.

-Write. I still have two more sections of the Graham/Beth story that I want to do. And several more sexy ideas have been stirring. Finding time to write is important, your readers won’t put up with this list shit much longer.

-Work on advertising the business. Yeah, you can’t quit the job you don’t really like until the business actually starts making money. Simple math of life sucks sometimes.

This isn’t exhaustive, just what I can think of in my half-awake state as the coffee brews. Which probably means there is something really important that I’m just too tired to think of right now. Like make sure my children live or something like that.


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