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Sir’s Inspiration

So Sir and I were talking last night about the nipple piercings and how I felt about them. I was worried about maintenance. I’ve never been one for fancy hairstyles or manicured nails. I don’t even wear make-up. So cleaning these things three times a day and making sure I have a camisole to go to bed will just take some getting used to.

Since Sir has been frustrated with our new ‘look but do not touch’ set-up while the boobs heal, he’s been thinking up other fun naughty things to do.

This was the email I received this afternoon.

Subject: Nightly Inspection


1. There is no assumption that you will keep your pussy shaved at all times, but I am going to gradually move away from giving a shit if you have “hairs poking.”
2. This takes place at some point before sleep, not necessarily at any specific time.
3. This will take place regardless of sickness or health, menstruation or not.
4. This will take place wherever we are, so long as we are not sharing a room with a non-kinky third party- but if we are sharing a room, I’ll try to find a chance for us to both be in the bathroom to have your inspection.
5. The reason for all of this: You said last night that you have a hard time with “maintenance.” The reason for these new inspections is two-fold. The first reason, obviously, is to help you maintain your maintenance. The second reason is to show you just how easy it is to incorporate these things into your routine. I know you can handle everything I’m throwing at you. This is not designed to trip you up or weigh you down. I have absolute faith that you can do all of these things and be “really” punished rarely, if ever.
I will give you verbal instructions, but this is what you can expect:
1. I am going to inspect your nipples and piercings, to see how they are healing. I will ask whether you used your saline spray three times during the day. Failure to do so will be punished.
2. I am going to inspect your mouth and teeth. I expect  you to brush twice a day, floss in the evening, and use mouth wash. I will ask. Failure to do so will be punished.
3. I am going to inspect your upper lip to make sure that there are no dark hairs visible. Daily plucking is expected. If I find something, you’ll be punished.
4. I am going to inspect your ears to make sure they have been cleaned. If they aren’t, you will be punished.
5. I will have you stand and bend over, to inspect your pussy. I’m not really looking for anything, but I will probably pull on your lips and shove my fingers inside you. To expect this, you will try to make sure that you are turned on by the inspection, but regardless of whether you are, you’re probably getting some fingers. Also, you will have tweezers on hand. I might decide to pluck pussy hairs if I see fit, and you can thank me for doing so. Maybe I’ll just give your clit a nice cold pinch. You’ll thank me for that too (eventually). 😉 If you are menstruating, depending on how bad it is, I will either have you take off your panties before the inspection and just do the whole thing over a towel, or just pull your panties down when necessary to check you out. If you are bleeding, you are expected to clean yourself up before coming to bed – wash up and new materials. I don’t want to hear “oh, I was going to get a new pad after the inspection.”
6. I will also inspect your asshole and crack, generally. Look, you don’t want me to tell you that you “missed some” any more than I want you to tell you, so just make sure that your ass is properly cleaned. Give it an extra wipe for good measure before bed if you think its necessary. Any negative comment I have to give will be grounds for punishment, individually.
7. I will inspect your finger nails and toenails. They will be clean, smoothly cut, and roughly uniform. If I decide that you have “just let it go,” you will be punished. It doesn’t have to be manicure quality, but it does have to be respectable.
8. I may or may not use this as an opportunity to test your flexibility as well. For example, I may start or end your inspections kneeling on the floor while you hold your elbows, or with your arms tightly tied behind your back. You will simply follow whatever instructions are given at that time.
If you complete the inspection with no infractions, or what I feel to be a reasonable amount of infractions, I will tell you you are a good girl, punish you, and put you to service or put you to bed. If you are completely negligent in your maintenance, in my opinion, then I will simply tell you that you are a disappointment and a bad girl, and that will be the end of it – no spanking, no service, just bedtime. That’s the “real punishment” that I know you are going to avoid.
I think these inspections will take place on my side of my bed, on the floor. If you think it’s going to be cold, you may turn the heater on in advance of the anticipated inspection, but I’m not going to do it for you and I’m not going to let you out of it if you’re cold.

#3 and #6 are particularly humiliating, but we’ll see how it plays out. Here I thought I had the lip hairs sorted out. I am only 30, I guess they will probably get worse.
And I’m hoping my cold clears up a bit before tonight. If I look half as crappy as I feel, then I’m not sure I will pass this initial inspection. Fingers crossed for the magic of lemon tea and afternoon naps.

2 Responses to “Sir’s Inspiration”

  • ancilla ksst

    Wow, that’s a lot!

    • Rye

      Yeah, night one went well. Of course both of us being sick won’t help tonight, but we’ll see. The whole inspection process only took a few minutes. And it seems to be a good way for me to feel dominance during the day as I remember my duties.


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