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Concerns with Captivity

The idea of being kidnapped has always had a certain appeal to me in the kink world. Obviously being taken against my will in a not consensual setting would not be a good thing. However, in a sexy setting, I’d sign up for ropes, chains, and blindfolds any day. I think there is a draw to the captive mindset. As a sub, scenes are often a mystery most of the time. Sir’s whims and moods can change throughout an evening, so going with the flow is necessary.

Being ‘held’ captive brings with it a different sort of flow challenge. Responses have to be immediate and to the letter. I have a feeling that silly faces and commentary wouldn’t be appreciated (now you know why Sir loves my gag). Safewords would still be respected, but the sense of panic in the whole situation would be a completely different experience.

Whether it’s planned out or I’m taken by surprise, the whole prospect sounds like fun. The adrenaline rush and possible bondage sex could be a great time. But I do have one concern that keeps holding me back from talking to Sir about making this a reality. I’m not worried about getting hurt or having a panic attack or anything. I am worried about hurting someone else. In the reality of a surprise situation of being carried off in the night, even at an organized event, I’m afraid I might play too hard. I’m not a lightweight (drinker or otherwise). My first concern would be some poor bastard trying to ‘carry me off into the night’ and throwing out his back. And, once he does wheelbarrow me to some distant shack or something, I tend to fight back with vigor (or so I’m told). I guess I would be worried that an errant kick would do damage to my lovely captor. And while I’m sure in that moment I would be thrilled that I got a good hit in, later I would feel quite bad about it, not to mention how I might pay for it in the moment.

I just remember my mom and I talking about being kidnapped when I was a teen. I think Elizabeth Smart was in the news and we got to chatting about what to do in that horrific situation. And my mom and I came to the conclusion of ‘don’t go easy, don’t go down without a fight’. I’m afraid that’s a mentality that I still hold, even when I consider a ‘planned’ kidnapping. Good sub or not, I’m not going to come easy. Especially if Sir isn’t there and/or hasn’t prepped me.

The thought sounds good. Chained to something, being repeatedly beaten and fucked. Maybe some interrogation of sorts. All of it makes me gooey and horny. But I also have this fear of the Doms talking the next day around the water cooler or wherever they gather, saying that they don’t want to be in on my capture again because their shoulders hurt from dragging me across the lawn or I ripped some chest hair out in my attempts to fight back. I guess they would have to sign up for it as much as me, so they know what they are getting into.

Maybe I write up some sort of warning label on my kidnapping application:

Wanted: Captor(s) for night of sexy fun. Ideally will have strong backs and good reflexes. Kidnapping tip: just take my glasses, I’ll be completely blind. However, it will also mean I will flail wildly. Consider protective eye-wear, bring your own gag.

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8 Responses to “Concerns with Captivity”

  • Molly

    This made me chuckle as I imagined a you sitting in a room full of men all strewn on the floor and your bemused, but slightly proud look, at having floored the lot of them…. not the ideal kidnapping scene for sure but it made me laugh


    • Rye

      I’m sure the sense of satisfaction would fade after a few minutes. 🙂

  • julie

    I love the idea of a kidnap label, with all necessary requirements. I forgot to think about the problem of Master probably not being able to actually lift me, as I am no light weight either. Great post!!!

    • Rye

      You know some people have medical bracelets to let people know what they are allergic too. Maybe they could make kidnap kink bracelets.

      I’ve stopped expecting Sir to try, I don’t want him to hurt himself.

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  • Dawn

    Glad I can comment now (fingers crossed)
    The kidnapping bit doesn’t appeal to me but whole being kept Captive? Hell yes!
    And of course you have to fight back, just be careful where you kick 😀

  • sub-Bee

    I have a tendacy to kick and lash out too and I’m fairly sure I’d end up hurting and kidnappers in the process too!

  • MariaSibylla

    Ha! This made me giggle, it’s absolutely something that could happen with me and I would feel terrible. Accidentally kicking someone too hard would totally ruin the mood 🙂

    • Rye

      I knew I couldn’t be the only one. I’m so worried about accidentally kicking someone in the head in the heat of the moment. The other kidnappers would have to drop me to help take care of their injured friend. Worst captive ever 🙁


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