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A perfect evening

Some people love to get dressed up and go out to a fancy restaurant or a club until the whee hours of the morning. Wearing a tight sexy dress and matching eye shadow, dancing with friends while perfectly balancing a martini in one hand and a phone taking pictures in the other. Hardly noticing the four-inch heels amid the thumping music and fruity cocktails. Crashing into bed around 3am, possibly with someone they met that evening to enjoy a good fuck before passing out.

This, in case it wasn’t painfully obvious, is not my idea of a perfect evening. Not judging if it’s yours, go you for having stamina that I will never have. I like to go to a club and dance (or at least I did ten years ago), but now I just feel old and out of place. That and the small scraps of handkerchief that girls can wear in most clubs wouldn’t cover my stretchmarks very well.

No, my night idea of a perfect evening (date-wise) was last night. The boys went to grandma’s for the weekend, she came to pick them up after daycare. After they left Sir decided we would have a night in. We ordered some wings from a local place we wanted to try (it was amazing, by the way) and curled up with a few beers in front a backlog of TV. It was great. Just sitting on our comfy couch in comfy clothes with a cold drink and something to dip in blue cheese dressing. When we were slightly buzzed we went upstairs. He got to chill out in front of a video game where he could kill lots of random baddies and I got to write smut. It was so relaxing just to be in the same room with him while enjoying our relaxing past-times without kids or other responsibilities. Just me cuddling with the dog and working on several erotica story lines while Sir saved some land from some bad guy with a string of amazing weapons and combo moves (ok, I may pick on him a tad for some of the gaming).

Not to be out done with the ‘things we never get to do when the kids are home’ part of the evening, we had ice cream. Mine was coffee chocolate chunk, or just orgasm flavored.

There was kinky fuckery as well, but honestly, that wasn’t what made the evening amazing. Just having the time together made it special. However, since this is my pitiful attempt at a sex blog there was some fun oral before we crashed into bed and had a blissful, full night of sleep. Then I was awoke this morning to a cock pressing into my back. Some more oral and fucking til it hurt (the best part, obviously) and now Sir is in the shower. We are heading to the new house today to do some more painting and prep work. Hoping to start moving stuff in next week. I’m sure I’ll make you guys suffer through a new reno update as the new cabinets are in and the counter-top was supposed to arrive yesterday.

Hope everyone has a lovely Saturday. And feel free to let me know what your perfect evening is. I’ll just be here in my sweat pants with my beer again tonight and would love to read about them.

2 Responses to “A perfect evening”

  • Dawn

    Sounds like bliss. I used to like going out but I much prefer to stay in. I’m old 😀

  • ancilla ksst

    I haven’t been to a dance club in…. just about forever. Probably I went a few times before I had kids, but it was never a big thing for me.

    I do enjoy a kinky party though. Those have been some of my best evenings. Doing kinky stuff with Master and friends.


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