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An uncollared submissive struggling through depression, motherhood, and the constant craving of her next orgasm.

Back Away Slowly

Sir and I both have hard limits. Most are ones that we found on other peoples’ online contracts that we thought were obvious but apparently weren’t. Bestiality and sexual acts with children top the list. I’m also not a huge fan of excrement play (luckily, neither is he). Not that it would have been on the table before, but having two kids has certainly cemented that as a non-starter. Other than that I have been trying to keep an open mind as I read blogs and Fetlife. Every time I think I’ve heard of every type of kink, I’m always proved wrong.

However, there is one limit that I don’t see on too many lists outside my own: ears. Don’t mess with my ears. Don’t blow on them. Don’t kiss or lick them. Don’t stick your finger in them. Just leave them be. If you even attempt to give me a wet-willie I not talk to you for a long time. You will probably also get kicked in the shins. I’m picky about what type of head phones I use, and I put those in myself. I pierced my ears when I was a teen but I don’t think I’ve worn earrings since I was a maid of honor in 2009. The holes closed up a few years ago and I just can’t bring myself to get them redone.

I don’t know what it is. They are sensitive and I twitch when I get a haircut. It doesn’t hurt per say, but it’s a long the lines of nails on a chalkboard for me. Anyone touching them triggers my panic and flee reflex. He can hit me until I bleed, or choke me while I come and I swoon with joy. But try and tickle my ears and I will run for the hills. I know sometimes he just does it to make me squirm, but even if he is goading, I still react. I wish I could ignore it, but then the sadist in him would be bummed. And since you all know that I wouldn’t imagine taking away a source of mind-fuckery from him, I guess I’ll start wearing ear muffs around the house for my own protection.

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6 Responses to “Back Away Slowly”

  • Marie Rebelle

    I find this a very interesting hard limit but then, when I think of my own ears, I can totally understand that you have this as a limit. I don’t have it on my list of hard limits, but I definitely don’t like my ears licked and most definitely not blown on. And I absolutely hate loud bangs/noises as they literally hurt my ears. If someone wants to get me angry, all they have to do is to clap their hands right next to my ears or in a small space, like in a car. My ears can hurt for hours afterwards.

    Rebel xox

    • Rye

      Exactly! I don’t like loud noises as they put me on edge and in recent years they trigger my PTSD. Rubbing my ears while screaming will quickly make you my enemy 🙂

  • Molly

    I can’t say the ears are a hard limit for me but I do hate loud sudden noises but my ‘strange’ hard limit is balloons


    • Rye

      I could completely see balloons being a hard limit now that you say it. 🙂

  • Richard Jameslon

    Love your writing style. By the way, when I was in my 30’s on a first date, the woman and I made out, and she tongued my inner ear for a long time. It was the MOST amazing pleasure that I ever had! Different strokes for different …………..

    • Rye

      Everyone has their own thing. Just like kink, I guess. Thanks for reading.


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