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Sir’s Order #648

Sir has been working on taking on more control. This was today’s order.

Post a picture on your blog of your pussy covered in as many clamps as you can.

Well, naturally, first I needed to shave. I wouldn’t want you guys to see my pussy any other way. Then I pulled out the clothespins. His order was for as many clamps as I could. And I’m sure if he was doing it he could have put a lot more on. But when you cannot really see what you’re doing, it’s a lot harder to get them spaced properly. That and we really don’t have too many clothespins. Don’t tell him though, or he’ll go buy more just to have on hand.

Rye's pussy covered in clothespins per Sir's order.

I think I did a good trying to get even coverage though.

Rye's pussy covered in clothespins, per Sir's order.

I tried to get them closer together, but it’s more difficult than I thought. I’m certainly glad I shaved though.

The after effects of the clothespins.

You only kind of see the indents in this photo. And the color shading to make them more visible distorts how red my pussy was.

I hope Sir is impressed.

**This completes #38 of my 101 Things in 1001 Days Challenge**

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    What a style to show pussy. It was very brave initiative. I like it.


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